Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Well then - two weeks today - Tim & Liz at The Golden Lion will be no more.......!!! Yikes!! Thats it - two weeks, 14 days, 336 hours.......... am I counting?? You bet!
Our flat is like an obstacle course, my legs have more bruises per square inch than any premier division footballer, we are both going through headache pills like there's no tomorrow and as far as I can see we will NEVER be ready for the removal men on the 15th..........for those of you doing the maths - our furniture and wordly possessions go into storage on the 15th and we finally handover on the 16th.

On top of that, we are still keeping a relatively busy pub going, an outside bar event all day Saturday, then our farewell party on the 13th - so all in all, still lots to do yet.

So where are we going then....???

We are off to the Victoria Inn, Salcombe, Devon. A delicious seaside pub in a gorgeous part of the world - the front door of the pub is literally less than 30 seconds walk from the estuary, where loads of little sailing boats are moored along with RNLI lifeboat - just picturesque and idyllic.

Its a large pub, larger than the Lion because the Victoria Inn has a 60 seater restaurant upstairs with a massive garden on a couple of levels. A St Austell owned pub with fabulous real ales - say Tribute to anyone who like real ales and they will nod appreciatively! It's already a very good pub, with a good reputation for its food and ambiance - what SOH and I will do is add our own little bit of magic.

It's just SOOOOOOOO exciting at the moment...... we've visited a few times now and the staff seem fantastic, the other business folk seem really nice and the people who live there have been really friendly! So we just can't wait to crack on with it now! I'll tell more over the next few instalments....... In the meantime, the photo's opposite are just a couple of many that I've taken - we will be getting our very good friend Lisa to do the professional ones!

Right now, its back to a bit more sorting and tidying, and then I'm taking SOH out for a curry and a pint at our favourite place in Winchester. More later................

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