Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Where do I start??

Welcome George
In between a couple of short weekend breaks (Copenhagen visiting the Carlsberg Brewery and Portsmouth to welcome No 2 Grandson George to our family) it's been a time of frantic work and trying to achieve a list of tasks.

But before more of that, we are delighted to let you know that we have been shortlisted to semi-finalists for the exceedingly prestigious Licensee of the Year 2015 run by the BII (British Institute of Inn-keeping - our professional body). This resulted in a flurry of activity by the team as anything that stood still longer than 5 minutes was cleaned and polished to within an inch of its life!! Customers were lucky to escape with a light dusting!!

Seriously, getting that far in a completion like this gives you the opportunity to view your business with a more critical eye.  Have you ever watched Dragons Den and the Dragons interrogating the people trying to get money from them?? Well I can assure you its a little like that. But we have it reasonably sorted - SOH does all the
clever finance stuff and wows them with his mathematical prowess (this time even getting a judge to agree that he was wrong  not quite right!)

Whilst I do the chat - hard to believe that, isn't it!!
Having said all of that, I still needed 2 paracetamol when they left (perhaps they did to) We'll hear if we're finalists in about 3 weeks time.

Just before I carry on - we now have our very own badged bitter - 'Salcombe's Best' at only £2.90 a pint!! Probably (!) the cheapest bitter in town!

Anyway,  I am slowly getting to grips with a list of techy stuff that frankly I've been delaying as long as possible - the most important being a newsletter.  You know one of those things that come up in your in box as yet just another e mail to read and generally get deleted without even being looked at!! But I'm really hopeful that you won't do that to mine.

Firstly, they're only going to come out to you FOUR times a year (Ye Gods, I can't do it any more often than that!!) it'll be full of inane chat about the Vic and maybe even a special offer or two - so if you think you can bear it, head over to our website www.victoriainn-salcombe.co.uk and sign up.

Then I've been updating the website with pics, this blog, Trip Advisor updates, staff training, getting the Easter entertainment schedule sorted and then the SUMMER MENU planning.

Apart from that - well what else could there be?? Oh yes! Running the Vic!!

Laters Darlings

Liz x