Saturday, 31 October 2015


If it's Halloween today - how many weeks to Christmas??? No! Stop Elizabeth - you know you really don't want to know!!!! But for those of you reading this blog today there is Halloween Story telling in the pub garden at 6.30 for those of you not easily scared! This is our 3 rd year of doing this and it gets progressively better attended every year! 

Well folks for the umpteenth time this year, where on earth is the time going - in all seriousness we have 1 table of 2 free for New Years Eve and I haven't done one scrap of advertising.  So a huge thank you to all of you who have booked to come and join us on this fantastic night. if oyu want to book that table of 2 you'd better get a jiggle on!

It's been a challenging year for me & my family this year so far, I've suffered bereavements of friends and family, lots of shocks and upheavals and as far as I can tell it's been the same for very many of you as well, so lets plough on for another few weeks and hope and pray that 2016 is kinder to us all!! 

Since I last blogged (I know it's been an age again hasn't it!!) we have been shortlisted for 2 more awards; Devon Life Family Friendly and Devon Tourism Awards - Best Pub. Both gigs happening in November - so posh frocks at the cleaners and back on the diet! 

We had a short trip to France a couple of weeks ago where we were hosted to a 2 day break by Joseph Perrier Champagne. Our hosts Jean-Claude (owner of the Champagne house) and Martin Gammen were impeccable in manners and hospitality - the Champagne tasting was amazing and it made me even prouder to sell this fabulous product.

We were incredibly lucky with the weather and my love affair with France has deepened again. We went with James Fineman from St Austell (He is GREAT company) along with Ryhs from the Samuel Jones in Exeter. We went because our Champagne sails of Joseph Perrier had rocketed and were the best in both the tenanted and managed estate of the brewery.

There's something so amazing about Champagne and in seeing the process from vine to bottle and when you see the vines you see the names of all the Champagne houses - Tattinger, Moet etc. All you can see for miles & miles are grapevines.

But my favourite of the Joseph Perrier was the 2005 Rose Champagne - just delicious! 

Half term and beautiful sunshine has seen Salcombe packed again this week, and a facebook message from a guest has prompted me to tell you about one of the pitfalls of trying to be that bit better than most run of the mill pubs. I had this FB message from a lovely guest saying how disappointed he was to see there weren't a lot of children's toys in the box at the moment.  

Do you know what my answer was?? 

Well mostly they've been stolen or destroyed.  £150 worth of toys and books etc at Easter topped up with ANOTHER £50 worth before the summer and very little is left - save a few books and jenga blocks. 

What else has been stolen?? Blankets for the garden, dog blankets, baby change items, reading glasses off the bar and a dog bowl!! Yes - all that from a pub in a supposedly posh area....................... Sad isn't it as well as a bit disgusting?  

Yes, we build these sorts of costs into our budget but I wonder why people feel the need to steal children's toys and books oh, and let their children rip them up or destroy them??   Don't even get me started on drinking glasses and cutlery.....................!

I wonder what YOUR thoughts on that subject are???

Till next time my friends, 

Liz x