Friday, 21 December 2012

Ready or not???

Well then ready or not - Christmas 2012 is nearly here. I sit here at home typing away with my now customary winter Chest Infection hopefully on its tailwind. I think being nearly 30lbs lighter (many, many thanks Slimming World and Jac our lovely leader who's inspired me to achieve more than I've achieved in actual weight loss in many years!) certainly means I'm fitter and generally much healthier so seem to be fighting the bugs a bit tougher. Even so, 2 lots of antibiotics and steroids mean I have stayed away from work this week - to many hospital admissions over the last couple of years have meant I tend to be much more sensible these days. If I'm ill - then I'm ill, and I know I need to rest, take the medication, keep warm and dry!

Work wise - the Victoria has been slightly mixed in trade......... some outstandingly good days but with some that meant as many staff as customers!!  A couple of smaller Christmas parties where our ability to show attention to detail meant that we got it absolutely right and people had a great time. The delivery days for our 'Dray' has meant that SOH has had to be very clever with his ordering of beer etc and hope that we have it right! We are expecting quite a good trade over the festive period starting with the Old Gaffers tomorrow night and then 'Nibbles' for a Bad Taste Jumper party and quite a  number of bookings for Christmas Eve dinner already.

We are delighted that on December 30th at 2p.m we yet again bring something sparkling and new to the Victoria Inn.

We are showcasing a fantastic Author/Illustrator Mark Fraser.  We are presenting an exclusive reading and interactive afternoon for all of you aged 3 - 93!! Its going to be more than telling a story or 2 , its a whole experience with the opportunity to purchase signed first editions of Marks fabulous books.

Here is just a little taste of his great illustrations - but you really do have to see them first hand!! Do come along and bring your 'little darlings' and lets all have a bit of fun!

The Old Gaffers will be with us again on New Years Eve - we have such great times when they're with us. Here is a promo video made the other week with Quba (who also sponsor them) just to give you a taster!  I loved that Christmas Carol first time round..... by take number 6 I wasn't quite so sure!!

Just a heads up to remind you that we are closed on Christmas Day and that we only offer food Boxing Day till 5 ( just doing a couple of bowls of chips a couple of years ago taught us theres no demand!) and on New Years Day we are offering our Home Made Curry Buffet Luncheon  once more this year - only £10!!! Choice of 3 curries including a vegetarian - and you can come and choose as many times as you want!!   

I have found technology a fabulous thing this week as my family in Hampshire and I have found 'Face Time'!!! How brilliant - I can now see my family instead of just hearing them........ I know there's Skype, but using Phones and Ipads is just sooooooooooooo easy!!! My Grandson clearly can't understand why Grandma is on the TV!!

So then - back to my original question - are you ready for Christmas?? If I'm soooooooooo busy that I don't have the time to blog again before the big day, Tim, Myself and all our fabulous team hope that all our friends, customers and all our colleagues at St Austell Brewery have the most fantastic time!!!

Lots and lots of love, peace and good wishes

Liz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Our 'Thank You' to YOU!

Tim and I constantly look at ways to make the Victoria Inn more inviting to you the Customer. We listen to your comments and we try to work with them as much as possible. 

We know that right now, these are tough times all round, that's why we are delighted to offer all of of our customers - whether its those of you who visit a few times of the year or those who visit every week - a very special 'Privilege Card'. 

Here's how it works: You visit us and have a great meal - that's the first part of a simple process. 

When you get your bill, we will offer you the opportunity to register for our unique 'Privilege Club'.  When you give us back that completed form, you will receive through the post a £10 voucher to come back and use towards your next meal with us! 

When you have completed the registration form you will receive there and then a Privilege Club Card - and for every £20 spent on food you will receive a Gold £20 stamp on that card. When you have just ten stamps on that card - you will receive a £20 voucher through the post to spend on food at the Victoria Inn. 

So, should you choose to join, and you come in with  friends and spend £80 on a meal you will already have 4 Gold Stamps on your card and will be almost halfway to your first £20 voucher!!!

What else do you get with being a Privilege Club Card Member??? You will be told of special deals and any special Privilege Card events that we plan to hold. But, more importantly you have the opportunity to save money every time you dine with us, and we thank YOU for your LOYALTY. 

This really is our way of saying a huge continuous 'Thank You' to you, our loyal Customers and Friends as we enter into the Christmas spirit and the New Year of 2013. 

Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Victoria Inn and its four legged friends!

Burners Victoria Inn 
The Victoria Inn, as it used to be: or as the sign clearly says - Burners Victoria Inn. There's a lovely lady started posted on the Salcombe page of Facebook who is related to the much referred to Eddie Burner, who was a longstanding Landlord of the Vic. She is Sarah Howard and she is Eddies Grand-daughter. Consensus of opinion is that the pic is late 40's early fifties. What I find so incredible is that the frontage has barely altered. Sarah told me that the ground floor of the bar had 2 bars with one of the bars having a dart board, a tap room and of course the famous Bass barrels on the back bar. A lot of the regulars had their own stools and Lord help anyone walking in and sitting on them........... 

I love the Schweppes/Whitbread hanging sign and the fact that the upstairs window with curtains flapping were Eddies living rooms. I have had a medium in our pub a couple of times and she has said that she can feel lots going on in the Vic, so I'm hopeful with a bit more info and some pics she'll come up with some more information and now I'll be able to find out more about the Vic as well. 

We have had some stunning dogs in the Vic this week and none more welcome than Vanity the Cockerpoo - the reason we got our 2 babies! Don't forget we are a truly dog friendly pub and you and your four legged friends are more than welcome! I have to say that this assortment are some of the most beautiful dogs we've had in for ages! 
Guinness a gorgeous Pyrenean 

Vanity - a Cockerpoo

Barney - a Newfoundland

Hudson - a Newfoundland

Kode - a stunning Huskie