Monday, 24 September 2018

It is still 2018 isn't it??

Stories in the Garden this Summer
Have you ever known a year go as fast as this, I honestly don't think I have. Mind you my year has been punctuated 4 times (yes 4 now!!) this year by being admitted to hospital with my ruddy Asthma.......... I've never, ever had a year like it. That's why I'm afraid there's been little or no blog writing - I just haven't felt up to it if I'm truthful, sorry folks. 

Thankfully the team at the Vic have continued to cope admirably without me and it's very comforting to me to know that the Vic is in such good hands.                   Secretly, I'm sure there are times they're blooming glad I'm not there bossing them around and being picky about how things are done! 

Of course SOH is still there moving deftly behind the scenes doing all the things he loves to do as the Landlord of the Vic, and jolly good he is at it too. 

So then, I have definitely taken a leave of absence from my front of house duties until at least Christmas and only then if my health has taken an upwards swing.  

You may well see me in town first thing in the mornings as I pop in to the pub and have a few meetings and just check everything is as I want it to be, BUT please don't be offended if we don't do the whole 'kiss kiss darling' bit.  I'm doing my absolute best to stay away from close contact with ANYONE at the moment as I just can't afford to catch any more cold bugs or virus's and can't bear the thought of a 5th blue light rush to hospital. 

So, enough about me and my state of health lets talk about things far nicer like the utterly gorgeous summer we've had.......... what a stunner it's been!! How beautiful is this photo??? 

It's been so great for all the tourists and the business's, particularly those based on the water. It felt like it would never end, but damn it - it looks like it has! 

The days here are still warm and sunny (apart from last week when it chucked it down incessantly!) but that Autumn nip is certainly starting to bite last thing at night and first thing in the mornings. 

The Vic had quite a good summer trade and our new garden menu was incredibly well received. We pushed out hundreds upon hundreds of portions of Fish & Chips (now completely gluten free), Curries and Burgers!! 

In fact our Chefs could often be heard muttering that if they 'flipped one more flipping Burger' they might as well be at McDonuts!! (that is of course the cleaned up version of events!) 

Now the summer is over our Chefs have got all creative again with the return of lunch specials and great new menus. First off though was a huge clean that saw all of the Chefs, whatever their position getting down and dirty and giving the kitchen a super post summer hols deep clean. 

But this pic from the summer is my absolute fav of all time! Ever!! This is Norman and Norman LOVES our Tims Sticky Toffee Pudding. 

Apparently he didn't stop talking about the fact he; 1 - Loved that pud so much and how 'yummy' it was and 2 - that his photo was used in my social media sites! 

The other 2 little bundles of gorgeousness are our own 2 grandsons when they came too visit Nanna Devon and stayed in the Hobbit House - which they thought was great fun! 

Looks like they thought the food was quite good too! As well as the colouring pages and pencils we give the little ones. 

Of course we had lots and lots of doggie visitors too, in fact I think town had more dogs than I've ever seen before this year. 

Cockerpoos still seem to be favourites and we saw all 

colours and sizes with of course many, many Labradors and Spaniels as well as a host of others. 

This gorgeous dog in this photo is Badger who's waiting for his pigs ear!!!  

The owner Carl was waiting for his pint of Proper Job.......... 

We managed to get ourselves at last to Spain to meet with Roberto from Santalba Winery - where our exquisite  Rioja comes from, but I'm going to do a whole blog post on that next time. So much to tell you and so many beautiful photos I don't want to squeeze it in here. 

So until the next time, enjoy what's left of the warmer weather and I'll be back soon, 

Much love darlings, 

Liz  x x x