Tuesday, 10 September 2019

It's goodbye from Me and it's goodbye from Him

Liz & Tim aka SOH - Scrumptious Other Half
So it was on the 21st August 2008 I sat down and thought what a good idea it would be to write a blog about life as a pub landlady here in The Victoria Inn, Salcombe and yet here I am sitting down writing my last ever blog post some 11 years on. With over 300 blogs written and tens of thousands of people reading them over the years!! I even won an award from the brewery for it in the early days!

Now with just 55 days to go until it all ends it seems incredible that the time has gone so fast! Has being a pub landlady been what I thought it be? Much of it yes, but I've said it before and I'll say it again, nothing could prepare me for the hard-work and yes, some tears that went with it. But my goodness, we've had some laughs along the way and many bloody good times. We've won scores of awards, been put (twice) in the Best Licensee of the year by the BII. The Vic earned consistently the Taste of the West Gold award for the last 6 years for our produce, cooking and service and ultimately overall Best in the West a couple of years ago. Those being just a couple that come to the front of my thoughts. 

I want to say personally to Jim Sloan our Tenanted Operations Manager at St Austell a huge Thank You! We cannot thank you enough for always being there for us and supporting us in our quest to become one of the best pubs in the South West. With Adam Luck (now retired) who was a Director also supporting me when a few years ago I had crazy ideas ranging from boutique B & B to pizza ovens to other things that never got off the back of a fag packet, but eventually (& pretty much to shut me up I suspect!!) he supported and helped to grow the idea of the top floor of the pub as it is now. 

Without fail most Bank Holidays & peak times has seen the pub flooded, electrics going bang and various other catastrophes that had me weeping or raging, yet still somehow battling through it!!!! 

We've welcomed stars of stage & screen, some known to me, other's had to be pointed out. My absolute favourites were David Dimbleby, Mary Berry, Matt Tebbutt, Ian Wright and last but not least Nick Knowles! I swooned and blushed like a 15 year old over him! Even Prince Charles got a Man Creche badge from me - do you remember those??

We've made fabulous friendships with so many of our customers & met some lovely, lovely people. People have made it part of their holidays and routine at Christmas and NY to visit, and already many have said thank you to me for making their visits & memories soooo special. I know the Vic has also been very special to people for having shared times with loved ones no longer with them, and I am privileged to have played a part in that. 
Then there's been the Christening's, Birthdays and Marriages - notably our own! 

I've also booted a few out with my now infamous 'Get out of my Pub' expressions! 😁 

I've battled Trip Advisor and spent hours answering every single review, good and bad, I almost even managed to curb my sarcasm and caustic wit! 😍

But without doubt and this is the toughest thing to say goodbye to, our super lovely team of people over the years that have supported us. The ones who've worked so hard, smiled and slogged themselves to achieve everything we wanted to achieve. Without our wonderful boys and girls - front of house, kitchen, cleaner and holiday team  -  we would not have been as successful as we have been. 

The baton of being the next Boss of the Vic goes to Jess, and I leave the pub knowing she's in the most capable pair of hands possible. 

Lastly, I couldn't have done any of the last 11 years without my very own SOH by my side. My very Scrumptious Other Half, the brains of this business, the experienced publican who knew what was right and what wasn't. The one who diligently ensured the finances were in order, who got the best deals, who read the trade press and ensured we stayed ahead of the game. 

Me?? I did a lot of 'hello darling' and I'm going to miss you all dreadfully 

Liz x