Thursday, 12 October 2017

A Game of 2 halves!!

Gosh this year at the Vic really has been a game of two halves (as all the best Footie pundits say)! We've had floods again this summer, electrical issues bringing everything crashing to a halt (every time SOH even steps foot out of the County), staffing shortage in the kitchen meant we had to employ an Agency Chef for the first time EVER (at an exorbitant cost to the business), we also had one of the worst seasons in Salcombe for footfall that we've seen in a long time - with August being awful for most business's in town, us included ....................... yet it's also been the most amazing time for us at the Vic personally and of course for our great team!

We have just celebrated 2 huge awards in 2 weeks - the first being Taste of The West overall award for Best Dining Pub in the West Country, where the Judge said that 'If there was a pub in Heaven he hoped that it would be like the Vic'! What a lovely thing to say!!

Then sometime later in the lunch hour both SOH and I were staggered to find ourselves in the running for the penultimate and amazingly prestigious award of no 1 Place to Go To - again for the entire West Country! We won!!!  The judges said that our place had everything that was great about a traditional pub! I am not ashamed to say I cried and even SOH almost got excited (!). I then was asked if I'd like to say a few words and for once in my life, it really was just a few words! (Mr Sloan take note!)

Then this week, we both went to the Devon Food and Drink awards where we were absolutely thrilled to be awarded Best Pub Restaurant - again with the judges giving glowing praise about our business.

Getting both Dining awards was amazing because I really do believe we offer some of the best food in a pub that you are likely to get. We have both worked so hard in the 9 years, and had many great teams work with us, but the team we currently have and have had for the last few years are outstanding in what they deliver. Both in terms of cooking and in delivering customer service so all of the awards are not just for Tim and I, but for each and every one of our team.

THEN only yesterday we were informed we are finalists in Visit Devon Tourism Awards 2017 - and will receive either a Bronze, Silver or Gold award in November!  We also have Devon Life awards and the Herald Express awards to go to yet as well...............

So as I said at the outset - a true game of 2 halves!! How do we move forward from these accolades and ensure we stay No 1 and top of our game now??

Well, we keep ensuring the very best produce from our local suppliers, we have a full compliment of Chefs again with another 2 senior and very experienced Chefs having joined us (welcome Chris and Zac), in fact we have a Chefs meeting tomorrow to discuss Winter menu's.

We support our Hospitality Apprentices to be the very best they can be - because they are our future and we continue to cherish and be thankful for the amazing team of people who work with us each and every day.

Then it's a huge Thank You to all our loyal and supportive customers (many of whom are personal friends now) who continue to keep visiting us and continue to love what we do.

Love and kisses (from a slightly emotional)

Liz x x x x