Saturday, 17 March 2018

March? Really??

This lovely photo of the Vic was taken by local man Pete Robinson when we had our last snow fall and blow me down as I sit typing this blog now if there aren't more snow flakes falling from the sky! It's also artic cold out there too............ I just hope this doesn't do to us what it did then! 

Salcombe hasn't seen snow like we had for many years and we were forced to shut for about 2 half days as we have some staff that live quite a distance away, so we couldn't compromise their safety.  

I had another spell in hospital just before all this snow happened, this time with Flu (proper Flu - not the stuff men have!) another 9 days in there this time and I'll probably not be fit enough to return to work until after Easter. But the pub continues to run like a well oiled machine. 

New wine lists are on the way, also a revised Prosecco menu as well as 50 gins!! As a business we've always strived to keep ahead of the game with our business planning and reviewing our drinks offering regularly is a big part of that. Gin is still a huge part of the drinks business so thats why we decided to increase the Gins we have.  

Some cracking gins we have too, mostly from the UK but there is one from Spain and also one from the USA. The American Gin is Bluecoat, this one is made with 100% organic botanicals, and the Spanish Gin is Gin Mare - this has arebequina olive, rosemary, thyme, basil and mandarin in it! 

Several are from Scotland and one that looks to be a firm favourite is The Botanist from Islay, the first and only Gin from this area is said to be a rare expression of the heart and soul of this remote Scottish Island. 

Then we have Peaky Blinders from Sadlers; a small batch, handcrafted spiced gin, undoubtedly going to be popular because of a certain TV programme with the same name! 

The team have already tried a couple and one they seemed to particularly like was That Boutique - Y Gin Company Cherry Gin served with Fever-Tree Cola. I'm assured that it is delicious.  

Another firm favourite was Boe Violet Gin (infused with Violets!) a beautiful colour. I could go on and on but I'll endeavour to tell you about another couple of our new Gins next time.  

Alternatively, do come in and try some yourself and perhaps post a photo of yourself drinking it like Lindsay who was drinking a Brockmans Gin along with Barnaby sat near the fire.