Sunday, 23 April 2017

Easter? Been and gone.............

Easter? Then it has to mean the first Stories in the Garden from our friend Jacob Cracker - and without it being to much of a pun - they really were 2 crackingly good sessions. Kids ( and grown ups) love these story telling sessions and we were blessed with great weather! 

Salcombe seemed to be VERY busy this Easter and as usual we have no summer staff yet, so everyone had to work that bit harder as usual. But as long as our customers were happy there we're happy. The weather was good, but we've known better and as for rain? Well we've seen none for ages - now there's the cue for the heavens to open! 

Food wise, we've taken the seafood plate off the menu for the summer but we have instead put Dressed Crab on the menu and my goodness, customers can't get enough of them! The other thing that customers are enjoying is the home-made Bannoffee Pie - I'm trying desperately to ignore it calling me............

Champagne weekends continue to be popular (and why ever not!) and Salcombe Gin (which is rather lovely) is also selling very well.  I have to say I think Salcombe Gin is actually a really good Gin and it is starting to get quite a few awards, so it's a pleasure selling it. 

You'll see I've put a picture of our Roast Potatoes for no other reason than for me a good roast spud is the essence of Sunday Roast and heavens above do we now get a lot of bookings for Sunday lunch particularly!! 
So please book with us, won't you! 

The hanging baskets and plants at the Vic are about to be refreshed and renewed by Potters Nurseries so hopefully we'll have some pictures in the next blog. 

The last purchase of logs have been made for this season and the Garden sign has replaced the welcoming Fire sign outside of the pub. 

What else? Well our lovely Ellen who's worked for us since she was 15 has just had her 18th Birthday and she is also joining us this year as one of our new Hospitality Apprentices, so you can expect to see a few photo's of her through the year as we know she's going to be brilliant. 

Next week - the 30th is the towns 2nd CRABFEST and if last year is anything to go by, it should be an amazing day. Lets just keep our fingers crossed for good weather. 

So right now, it's onwards and upwards to the summer; Summer team to be employed, decisions to be made on menus/BBQ's etc. 

Till next time, 

Liz x x x