Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Three sleeps!!

How has it happened that we are just three sleeps away from Christmas Day??? In fact how is it that this year is on it's way out as well?? Is it really true that as you get older the time runs away from you or is it that we're just soooooo busy or is it someone has stolen some days??? 

I have no idea why, but my brain seems to be as active during the night as it is in the day - I've been having some blooming weird dreams lately!!! My latest being a conversation with KENNY DALGLEISH and saying hello to Sir Alex Ferguson!!! I mean really??? Great conversation with Tom Jones the other night and traipsing round some big warehouse before that!?!!! No wonder I'm so tired at the moment is all I can say! 

So I suppose you want to know what's going on at the Vic then.............. well, the Hobbit House rooms (2) are opened and even though I say it myself they look flipping gorgeous!!! Shades of greys, (not that Shades of Grey!)  flashes of Scarlet and gorgeous wood floors. Topped off with fabulous one-off chairs and really beautiful rugs. 

Choosing these colours has really brightened up the Hobbit and now it really reflects the beauty of the Vic and we are VERY happy with the new look. 

Our prices start from £45 a night per room rising to £70 a night in the height of the season. There may well be a special deal coming up soon for February - so watch our website or our facebook/twitter page for details.

There is no breakfast included in this price, but there are some great places in Salcombe if you can't start the day without a Bacon sarnie or a Croissant. 

Coming to Salcombe out of season is just as lovely (if not lovelier in many respects) than coming in the height of summer. So why not have a look at our website and treat yourself to a short break - or even a long one at those prices.............???

What else?  We've had a few Christmas parties and all credit to Jonathon and Robin who worked hard to get the upstairs looking especially great for our local Health Centre team.  They are a fabulous group of people and it was really important to me that we them as they look after US so very, very well.  When I spoke to them at the end of the evening I said I hoped not to see them again for quite a while!! At least, not in the surgery. 

Of course, we are today starting to get our Christmas visitors down so I've been and bought more toys to replenish the toy boxes - I can tell you that going to a toy shop (CAVE) is my personal idea of hell!!! Also renewed the Baby box. Hopefully no-one will think it will be fun to throw the Baby talc all over the toilet this time!

So then, I think that's about it for now, I've got to be really honest and say I'm not sure that I will be have the time between now and after the New Year to sit and write another blog, but I'll do my best.

In the meantime Tim and I and all of our amazing team would like to wish YOU my dear loyal blog readers a fantastic and delightful Happy Christmas 

Much Love

Liz xxx