Sunday, 17 April 2016

Easter - Tick

The sky from my garden yesterday
So! 2016 continues to whizz by in the blink of an eye............ How was it as a child that the year seemed to be never ending. That the summer's were longer, the seasons so well defined?? We weren't dreaming about Easter Eggs the moment Christmas went were we?? 

Yet here we were at the end of March celebrating Easter and all the madness that normally goes with it in terms of our visitors having the first proper outing of the year en famile and us not having a summer team to deal with summer numbers.  But all credit to our great team - they did a great job looking after everyone and making them all feel welcome in our great pub. 

Hair Braider makes a welcome return to outside the pub

No sooner had the first few people arrived than some of the derogatory comments started coming on social media (and in the local paper) regarding Grockles and what a pain it was having so many cars and visitors littering our streets.............????  Oh my life!! REALLY!!! REALLY!!!! REALLY!!!! Argh..........

I really find it so hard at times understanding the mentality of some people in small towns. What on earth do they think that Salcombe and places like it in the West Country and other places would be like WITHOUT our visitors??? 

I personally like to try and make all visitors in the town and to our pub feel special - I look at it that I am so fortunate to live here for ever and they are only passing through - so lets make their experience a great one, with a warm welcome and a wish for great memories.  
Anyway, off your soapbox Liz that will do for now - on with the news of the month: 

The flowers at the front of the pub are just about on their last legs really thanks to the amazing cold winds we've endured this year, so it will be nice to see the new ones in place for May hols. 

We now stock all but 1 Gin that St Austell Brewery have on their list, we now have 22 in total! We are just waiting for some great Gin Menu's from Fever Tree with ideas of which of their tonics go best with the different Gins. That will give YOU the customer lots and lots to choose from. 

The 'Champagne Sunday' concept with our fabulous Joseph Perrier Champagne has now grown to 'Champagne Weekend' and continues to go from strength to strength. But lets be honest it's not a hard choice with such a great Champagne at £4.95 a glass. 

New wine menu's are expected this week and wow, there are some great new wines including a second flipping lovely dessert wine (will go great with Tims Sticky Toffee Pud) and the most incredible Red wine - Appassimento - a hugely full bodied wine.......... phwoar! 

Spring menu's are at the printers too with some new dishes I'm quite excited about as well. Then it will be full steam ahead to work on the summer menu's in readiness for end of June. 

Team meetings have been held with the aid of great big fat jammy doughnuts from The Bake House in Salcombe. 
As you can see the doughnuts seem to make the meetings less serious!! 

Right here, right now,I'd like to place on public record that I think we have probably the best team we've ever had and what's more we continue to grow the team with 1 more Front of House - Antonia (AJ), (doughnut in hand and cheeky smile) and potentially 2 more Chefs joining our kitchen team. None of them temporary staff, but permanent. 

And so the treadmill of life in a pub revs up and we continue to motor through the year at a great pace.................... I feel quite worn out just typing this!! 

On that note and just in case you've read this far, please, please, please don't forget to book with us if you want to be sure of getting a table for dinner! 01548842604

Till next time my lovely readers, 

Liz xx