Monday, 30 November 2015

Tomorrow isn't really the 1st December - Is it????

Tomorrow isn't really the 1st December is it??? Oh my word, it really is a sign you're getting on a bit when the years hurtle on as they seem to be doing right now! But what an amazing year we have had - not just us (SOH and I) but our amazing team as well. 

It got even better last week when we went to Plymouth to attend the South West Tourism Awards 2015.  This was a new award for us and although we knew we were finalists we truly had no expectations at all of getting anything more than a Bronze (which in itself would have been fab!) But we actually got SILVER!!!

It has to be said that South Hams had a great showing with the Salcombe Harbour Hotel up for Large Hotel, (they got Gold)  Soar Mill Cove - Best Restaurant (Bronze), South Sands - Small Hotel (Bronze) Buckland Two Saints - Small Hotel (Bronze).  

We met up with our old friend and consultant Master Chef Peter Gorton and it has to be said that Judy Spiers who compered the event was truly delightful. What a job she had controlling the proceedings as guests became more (drunk) 'excitable'  as the evening went on! 

It was really nice to be part of this particular event where we knew so many people and there was much whooping and cheering for each other..............We of course were all sober! (coughs gently)

Jane Adkins - Don't know what you said, but it made ME laugh!
We shared our table with Silver Winners of the International Visit Experience who ran an International Language school in Torquay.  

Jane Adkins a PR and Publicity guru who you can see made me laugh very loudly and animatedly (not sure I can remember why though!) and the 2 ladies stood up talking are from Purple Cloud a training consultancy, as well as a partner of one of the guests and a sponsor from Accounting & General (our award) all of them absolutely lovely and great company! 

The drink flowed quite substantially (thank you Plymouth Gin for great cocktails at the beginning of the evening and also for the premium strength freebie bottles we received. 

As for the award itself? Well it was absolutely STUNNING!! Created by Dartington Glass and depicting Smeatons Tower on the Hoe. We're now on the look out for an antique style wall cabinet to display our awards in! 

It must always be remembered - these awards are not just about Tim & I, they are very much about the fact we have a great strong team, who are as focused on out business succeeding as we are! Cleaners who work hard to keep us as clean as possible - not always easy given the footfall we have.  Kitchen team who source the best products and then cook to perfection.  Bar staff and waiting team who endeavour to make EVERY guest feel special, and finally, all our younger 'runners' - our team of tomorrow maybe?? But nights like last Thursday are indeed OUR opportunity as well to give each other a little pat on the back and to remember that as a business we are now reaping the rewards of OUR hard work and headaches too. 

What else has been going on in the Vics world?? Well we've been marketing a fantastic new Cornish Stout from St Austell - Mena Dhu.  Based on an original Cornish recipe Mena Dhu means Black Hill and is named after the farm that was owned by Walter Hicks, the founder of St Austell Brewery. It has a really nice subtle oak smoked aroma and a hint of dark chocolate taste, with a delicate touch of liquorice on the finish. It's been selling quite well and I think many customers have been pleasantly surprised. 

The Hobbit House is undergoing a much needed re-furbishment and I can't wait for you to see the finished result.  One of my Asst Managers Jess and I are going shopping tomorrow (SOH's) credit card in hand for all the 'pretty things' tomorrow - shades of grey, cream and flashes of red and silver.  Stylish, classy and far better representative of the pub itself. 

What else?? Oh yes, we offered a Cream Tea to 4 ladies on Saturday for a Birthday - and I think we may work on making this something for2016.  

What do you think?? 

It looked phenomenal - we gave a glass of Champagne, Crab & Salmon sandwiches, Veg sandwich, home-made cup cakes (Chef Tania - you're a fab Baker!!)  home made scone, tea or coffee and all for £20 a head..................

We're working on Winter menu's so much meetings of creative minds (Chefs) versus the reality check (me) but together we always come up with something special!  

The Christmas decorations are up as it's switch on in Salcombe tomorrow and we also had our first Christmas lunch today at the Vic. 

So all told, it's been another busy month for us here at the Victoria Inn in Salcombe and December is tomorrow - and only 24 days till Christmas Day.............. now where's that wrapping paper gone that I saved last year!?!?! 

Till next time my lovelies - go and help your local economies! 

Much love

Liz xxx