Saturday, 26 May 2012

You asked for it...........

You asked for it...... well you've got it!! I had lots of feedback on my last blog post where I posted the link to a little bit of test video for the Victoria Inn.  We will be putting together a video with much more of the pub, the garden, the fire (!) and a bit less of Chef James boning the meat (!!). The video probably won't happen now till after the summer hols as when you have a professional doing it, it's not a 5 minute job!

BUT.......... I had lots of comments that you would like to see much more about Salcombe as a whole....... So here is the link to my Youtube page

Well at least I hope it is. I'm going to try to load up videos from my Iphone - nothing technical at all, probably quite out of focus and no lovely music, but, I really hope you like them. You'll see there's one of the Old Gaffers, and then some from Salcombe starting from where the RNLI is. When you look at the one taken from the Snapes Point - the noises off screen are my dogs panting - not me!!! Do feedback to me about them won't you.

Thats all for today I'm afraid, but I promise to blog again soon and happy viewing!!

Love & hugs to all of you - Liz x

Friday, 18 May 2012

Video in Progress

2 blogs in one day - please, try not faint! This is where I either show I AM a complete and utter clux at I.T or I prove I can follow instructions.

The video I've put on is a work in progress of what I hope to eventually have for our great pub the Victoria Inn. I'll use it to go on our website - probably towards the end of the year. Put together by our great friends Lisa & Phil Beaney.

I would REALLY welcome all and any feedback!!!! Personally, I'd like a bit more pub and garden and Phil has already told me they need different lighting and for Chef James to be 'miked' up!

Sorry its been a while

Hello all, sorry it's been a while since I blogged... 2 excuses really - the format's been changed for Google blogging, and when it comes to technology I tend to hide my head in the sand. But I've confronted my issues and hey, here I am!!! Secondly, I have actually been very busy with lots of things........... Submitted an application for another award. Trust me, to do it properly they take flipping ages and then on the last page I didn't save the wretched thing properly and had to start again!!!! I yearn for the days I had admin support (in my previous life) who did all this. We've also been busy getting the pub ready for the summer - lots of gardening (SOH), Tidying (SOH), menu planning (ME), ideas (ME) working on the bar, etc etc.both of us!

The doors just being started!
We're currently having the side red gates that lead to the garden painted to look like to barn gates/doors with some pretty roses on the top.  The weather has been against the painter John Aspden of Gallery 5 fame in Salcombe all week, but hopefully it will be finished next week! We've got some fantastic pretty coloured / flowered bunting for the pathway to the garden, and the new scarecrows are up and ready just need the welcoming signage.
Next we had our great friends Phil & Lisa Beaney come to stay for a couple of days - lots of fun and catching up but an ulterior motive of wanting a promo video of the Victoria Inn for our website. As soon as I learn how to do I'll load it up for you to have a look today, its NOT the finished article but it's a real nod in the direction of what I'm looking for, and very, very exciting!!! You can see more of their work here:

The meat coming from Holesome Farm is going down a storm we only get 8 - 10 fillet steaks every weekend (as well as Sirloin Steaks) but they are flying out the door and the gravy Chef James makes from the bones is to die for! As for our enhanced fish selection - well!! Going local has definitely been a move in the right direction........... this week we had Cuttlefish and Chef James made a great Provencal Sauce for it & it was gone almost as soon as it was on the menu - today we have Skatewings, Monkfish, Lemon Sole and tomorrow we have Black Bream in!

Aside from work, we went to London for the annual BII bash and I had the pleasure of meeting two 'Celebs' - Gregg Wallace of Masterchef fame and Michelle Mone - Ultimo Bra entrepreneur. Gregg Wallace has a restaurant in Bermondsey called Greggs Table and we had a really smashing meal - I highly recommend a visit!! Look out for Greggs brother Paul as well - a head waiter and as equally enchanting as his brother!  Michelle Mone was stunningly beautiful and was really inspirational - so amazed that a self made millionairess who is so clever and has such a huge business gets stage sickness! I loved her...........  

We're adjusting very well to living in our home and we've also done a bit of gardening and work here as well - so all in all. I am discovering a love for cooking as well so whilst I may not have been blogging - I certainly haven't been doing nothing!!

I'll try not to leave it so long till the next blog, but this weekend see's the start of the 'season' - albeit only the start, I need to be around.......... so until the next time x