Friday, 18 May 2012

Video in Progress

2 blogs in one day - please, try not faint! This is where I either show I AM a complete and utter clux at I.T or I prove I can follow instructions.

The video I've put on is a work in progress of what I hope to eventually have for our great pub the Victoria Inn. I'll use it to go on our website - probably towards the end of the year. Put together by our great friends Lisa & Phil Beaney.

I would REALLY welcome all and any feedback!!!! Personally, I'd like a bit more pub and garden and Phil has already told me they need different lighting and for Chef James to be 'miked' up!


Anonymous said...

Really fab insight into the Vic but agree need bit more garden and pub. And lovely staff? Flows beautifully though and lovely to look at. Clare xx

Anonymous said...

Love it. Really shows off Vic but agree more pub and garden. And lovely staff?! Beautiful video. Clare x x

Ian said...

Obviously you're publicising the Vic, but more videos of inside but also of Salcombe please!!!! We have to wait till September for our annual 'fix', so any reminders of Salcombe most welcome.
See you in September
Ian & Kerry (& Bella the dog)

Liz said...

Dear Clare, Clare & Ian, Kerry (and of course Bella!)

Thank you for your comments regarding the video - Ive had lots of very positive feedback. We will be cutting down on James doing his butchery, but will still be showing more of our fab food. Will also show much more of the inside of the pub and the garden. As for photos of the pub and Salcombe - if you become a 'Twitter' you can see our Twitter account - I'm forever posting pics on there!!/Victoriainnsalc