Saturday, 26 May 2012

You asked for it...........

You asked for it...... well you've got it!! I had lots of feedback on my last blog post where I posted the link to a little bit of test video for the Victoria Inn.  We will be putting together a video with much more of the pub, the garden, the fire (!) and a bit less of Chef James boning the meat (!!). The video probably won't happen now till after the summer hols as when you have a professional doing it, it's not a 5 minute job!

BUT.......... I had lots of comments that you would like to see much more about Salcombe as a whole....... So here is the link to my Youtube page

Well at least I hope it is. I'm going to try to load up videos from my Iphone - nothing technical at all, probably quite out of focus and no lovely music, but, I really hope you like them. You'll see there's one of the Old Gaffers, and then some from Salcombe starting from where the RNLI is. When you look at the one taken from the Snapes Point - the noises off screen are my dogs panting - not me!!! Do feedback to me about them won't you.

Thats all for today I'm afraid, but I promise to blog again soon and happy viewing!!

Love & hugs to all of you - Liz x

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