Sunday, 28 July 2019

Wow - almost August already!

Good heavens, we're into double figures! 99 days until retirement and I just know this time is going to whiz by! I'll probably only have a couple more blogs before I shut A (sometimes potty mouthed) Landlady's Blog down, as I'm going to be a bit busy to write much come October - so make the most of me while you can. 

There has been conversation of me doing a blog when I retire, but I'm probably not going to. You can keep up with me though on Instagram - allthingslillibet and also on Twitter - fabfrom56. I'll probably give facebook a miss too once I'm retired, I've so many books to read.............. 😁

Anyway, we know for sure now that the Vic is going to become a Managed House when we have retired. It seems that not many people know the differences so here's a quick (very quick)  lesson;

  • A Tenant (us) pays rent and runs the pub as their own business, buys all drinks from Brewery (landlord) and keeps profits made 
  • A Managed House is part of the brewery estate, the Manager runs the pub on behalf of the brewery and brewery keeps profits made

The very best news is that Geordie Jess (OUR current Manager) is going to be the General Manager of the Vic for St Austell and we are very assured of her continuing to do the fantastic job she currently does. We're also assured by St Austell that little will change so you can rest easy in still visiting your favourite pub and continuing to have a great time. 

Anyway, suppliers have been told, notice has been given to our website people etc, etc, but best of all.................we've started planning our first year of 'freedom' from the shackles of employment!!  Before you ask - lots of lay in's, time to explore where we live better and lots of foreign travel! 

But first of all we have a summer season to get through and the last half term of the year after that.SOH has started turning out the office and storage etc, and has been firmly warned that "none of that shit is coming home"!!!!! Needless to say bits have already sneaked in 🙈🙈🙈 

We had a super treat last week from Salcombe Gin, they invited us in for their Gin School. Not the first invite we've ever had but we've just not been able to go on other occasions. We have been huge supporters of Salcombe Gin from the very beginning and that has been reciprocated by their friendship and support of us too. 

If you haven't been to one of their 'schools' I highly recommend. Informative, fun and best of all, you come away with a bottle of Gin that you've made! 
Salcombe Gin Still 

So, there we are - 99 whole days to go................ 

Mostly I'm very excited and looking forward to it but just every now and then I get nervous of the unknown. 

Nervous of no structure of a working day, sad at leaving a great team who support us and anxious of a life with no regular income, but mostly excited!! 

Until next time my lovelies 

Liz x x x