Sunday, 9 February 2014

We're back!!

And so we are!! After 3 weeks of mayhem and madness, dust and noise, nervousness and downright excitement (mixed with a little/lot of trepidation) the doors of the Victoria Inn are open once again and my goodness, gracious me - we are looking BEAUTIFUL!!!
The whole building has been turned into a totally stunning looking pub - the meetings and planning have all been worthwhile! The architects vision coupled with our requirements for it to remain a traditional pub, not become a theme pub or a W********ons have worked out amazingly. The colours of muted greys, blues and burgundy coupled with wallpapers that are bookcases, travel trunks, maps of the world or Dutch blue plates all lead to a feeling of tradition yet the Vic seems  lighter and sophisticated.  The new Oak flooring upstairs gives a real warmth and depth, whilst the new curtains downstairs give a cool elegance.  The two mirrored walls give an illusion of space and light & just add a certain quirkiness.
The downstairs restaurant area is now rather grandly called the library room, and the upstairs dining area which was only ever used as an overspill is now a stunning space where you can drink a pint and watch the world go by looking out of the windows, sit on the sofas or comfy chairs and play with a myriad of games or just read the papers with a pint, a coffee or a bottle of wine.
Alternatively, you could choose to sit and have a fantastic meal - the ambience upstairs is now phenomenal as you get all the noise and bustle from downstairs and you get the calming views of the estuary or you can sit and look into the garden.  Or if you get the right seat on the sofas you can look down on the bar area............. the choice is endless!!   I will have some professional photos in a couple of weeks - but in the meantime. I hope these give you a flavour of our beautiful Victoria. Next blog will be all about the first couple of weeks and the official opening.
Much Love
Liz x