Sunday, 18 January 2015

Happy New Year - 18 days late??

Good evening and a Happy New Year to you all............ yep, I know its the 18th January so I may be a tad late in sending you those best wishes! But honestly my dears we haven't stopped!! Sitting down to write a blog hasn't been that high on my agenda but a customer last night said how much he looks forward to my scribbling's, so I decided to make the effort.
Magic Mark

Well, what an absolutely amazingly busy Christmas and New Year we had here in Salcombe and especially at the Vic. I think we could have had a pub three times larger than it is and STILL be unable to seat everyone that wanted to join us for drinks or food! Absolutely amazing and whilst of course everyone went home after the NY there has been another wave of people here and we are continuing to see more people at this time of year visiting Salcombe than ever, ever before.

But first, Christmas and NY - well, we always shut now on Christmas Day, but we were booked up for Boxing Day 2 weeks before the date (unheard of previously!!). New Years Eve we had been fully booked by end of October (I think) all bar a couple of small tables.

Old Gaffers
We had the usual last minute cancellations (2 tables) although the last one of a table for 3 with only 3 hours to go left us all distinctly unimpressed (especially the comment of 'we don't expect a refund on the deposit' - oh don't you now!?!) However, a walk-in of 2 people left us back at having 92 guests for Dinner that evening.

Magic Mark came and wowed the guests with his brand of close up magic - I've stood next to him and I'm blessed if I can see how he does it!! He will be coming back in the year to work with the children over the holidays.
The amazing Old Gaffers delighted everyone as usual!  

The 'Jolly's party
They go just go from strength to strength and it is amazing how many people now come in to listen to them, sing along and then buy their CD's. They have become a real institution of the Vic and seem to fit in so well.

Great food, fantastic service, free entertainment - it seems a winning formula and one we'll probably replay next year! We had guests leaving us that evening asking about booking for NYE 2015, so that was a fantastic result!

We always turn the bar lights off and close the bar 5 minutes before midnight so the whole team can see in the New Year with a glass of Champagne and go outside to watch the fireworks. It always tickles me how the pub goes from fully packed, to empty and then packed again in the space of 15 minutes............... quite funny really and something that even now makes me shake my head and smile.  

Mick & Julie's engagement NYE 2014
We also had an engagement on NY Eve with Mick and Julie pictured here......... blimey the team were in raptures and there was lots of ohhing and aahhing. We were more then happy to give them a glass of bubbly to celebrate and we wish them much love and happiness, and hope they'll always remember that very special evening.  
The kitchen team did a great job with the food that they cooked and here they are enjoying a well earned drink.
So what now?? Well a new menu will be written and in use sometime over the next week.  SOH and I will be having a couple of days in Hampshire next week (2nd grandchild on the way very soon)
and then we have the annual St Austell Tribute awards in Newquay to look forward to at the end of January.
So for now, it's goodbye till the next instalment and where's my cup of tea.............????
Much love
Liz xxx