Saturday, 21 July 2018

Happy Saturday

Our latest acquisition for the Vic! Read about it below

Liz & SOH's Hideaway!
Morning all............ nice to have a drop of rain through the night last night, heaven knows our scorched garden needs it - but aren't we having a glorious summer! 

I could totally live in this climate, bumming around in shorts and vests all the time. During my enforced rest I have been lounging around in the sun and consequently look as though I've been in the tropics for a couple of weeks - not just sitting in my beautiful garden! 

I popped into work last night for a couple of hours and everyone seemed very pleased to see me - customers and team alike.  It felt very strange to be back, but everyone has held the fort remarkably well in my absence and I shall only be popping in for 2 or 3 evenings a week. 

We've got a great new summer menu at the Vic - lots of Burgers and Salads for the Garden Menu in the evenings and super food in the Pub; a wonderful Scallops starter and a seafood Skewer being 2 things that seem particularly popular! 

Our Head Chef Jon and his team have put together some great ideas, very light and summery. Kids seem to like the Beans on toast particularly!! It looks like we are FULLY BOOKED for NYE this year already, but we are going to hold a waiting list as normal as there are always 1 or 2 people drop out. 

Now you may recall that in the last blog I showed you a paining by local artist Jon Woolfenden who painted a fab pic of the Vic and Fore Street?? Well, I just fell in love with it like I've never fallen in love with a painting before and after a gentle bit of nagging (honestly didn't take much!) SOH agreed to us buying it!! So it has pride and place in the entrance to the Vic.............. I hope you'll all get as much enjoyment from it as we are.  He has lots of other gorgeous pics too - so when you see him in the high street painting, do go up to him and say hello. 


Schools are out in some areas, particularly the private schools and those in Scotland with the rest of the UK finishing yesterday and early part of next week. So we expect to see lots more families arriving soon - the play area is all ready for them to come and enjoy themselves. 

I went out on the water with some friends last week and it so happens we saw a beautiful boat out in the Estuary that looked gorgeous (well of course there are many of them!) but this is a splendid new venture  You can hire them to take up to 4 of you out, they will provide (spot the deliberate mistake!) lifeboats lifejackets and I'm assured that both the boat Baia Vita and Chris who steers/drives (never sure of the boating terminology) is fully checked and licensed by the Harbour master, with Chris having all the relevant RYA qualifications. 

Really reasonable cost and what a wonderful way to while away an hour or 2 seeing Salcombe and the surrounding areas from a different perspective! Perhaps a bottle of bubbles to go with you??? 

Anyway, I think thats about it for now, so in all probability until we come out the other side, I'll say ta ta for now, and I look forward to seeing old friends (and making new friendships) visiting the Vic over the next few weeks,

Much love as always,

Liz x