Monday, 28 May 2018

Almost June?? No, it can't be?!?!

Flip me sideways it really is almost June! Halfway through the year and I've realised I haven't blogged since March........... Well, I have to tell you, this has been one of my worst years health wise and bugger me if I haven't got yet another chest infection - my 3rd this year!! I have been ill almost 6 months now (give or take the odd couple of weeks here and there) so it's right that you know we have taken the decision for me to be semi-retired from the business.  

You're likely to see me for a couple of shifts over a weekend, I'll continue to drop in and out, issue a few orders, do a bit of 'hello darlings' and then come home to do work like this! Blog writing, computer work, social media etc. 

There comes a time when you have to put yourself first in this life and almost going into Intensive Care this year has made SOH and I re-evaluate my role in this stressful business of being a publican. 

One of my good periods a month or so ago saw me go on a 'Snow Shoe' walk in the French Alps on a women retreat with my personal trainer Claire Morgan-Hughes of Devon Fit Camp fame I walked for 6 1/2 miles ups a mountain, round a mountain and then back down a mountain - so I know there's good health in me somewhere, I just have to tap into it, and then hold onto it! 

Happy ladies celebrating the Royal Wedding
So enough about me - how are YOU all doing?? I met loads of old friends yesterday down in Salcombe for the May Bank Holiday - the town has wall to wall visitors right now and everyone seems in jolly good humour! Nothing like sunshine to put a smile on peoples faces is there. Our kitchen has been highly busy the last 2 days producing just under 1,000 meals in 2 DAYS!!! I remain amazed by what they consistently produce and whilst under enormous pressures........ 

Our Front of House staff work so hard as well and yet still manage to have a smile on their faces! Such lovely people working with us, we're so lucky!! 

We're also exceptionally fortunate to have a new Head Chef leading our kitchen team; Jon Bell! Old school Head Chef who cooks with passion and enthusiasm, calls a spade a shovel (he's northern!) has bags of experience in award winning pubs. Jon is a huge softie and we have hit it off like a house on fire, not easily ruffled and just one of life's nice guys. We're very fortunate to have him!  

I'm soooooooooo excited about the menu he's going to bring you in the summer!  We also have our Christmas menu for parties small and large (not Christmas Day though) and also New Years Eve menu although we are 70% booked for that event already.............. how amazeballs is that! Those should be on our website in the next day or 2 so check back soon. 

Just a reminder that if you really want to eat with us, you have to book to be absolutely sure of a table with us, and sadly, we now take deposits for all booking of 6 people or more. £5 a head refundable if cancelled within 24hrs notice.  We've had to take this step due to people booking the tables, taking potential bookings away from other people and then simply not turning up. People apparently call it choice booking - they book several places and then make their choice on the night.......... I call it bloody mad manners myself! So give us a call on 01548 842604  and we'll do our best to get you a super table at our award winning pub. 

The 50 different gins that we have on offer are all going very well, with a couple of firm favourites for sure, but our customers do seem to like to try out some of the slightly more different ones, especially the fruity Gins with brilliant Fever Tree tonics. 

SOH is busy out in the Vics garden today planting up a few more plants, following Judith from Bayleaf having done the bulk of the work in planting up the back of the garden and Potters Nurseries East Allington having now planted up the front of the pub!, and all very splendid it's looking too! Photo's of that next time. 
As is this rather gorgeous painting from local artist Jon Woolfenden, painted right outside the Vic, I just think it's stunning - don't you? 

A quick round up of what entertainment we have for you over the next month or 2:

  • FIDDLERS GREEN - Folk/Rock/Easy Listening (Fabulous Darlings!!) June 30th @ 8pm and 14th July also 8pm

  • OLD GAFFERS - Our local Sea Shanty group (pure brilliance) 12th July and 21st July again an 8p.m start. 

So there you go. A quick catch up on all things Pub Landlady and I look forward to saying 'Hello Darling' to you all very soon, be kind to each other and enjoy the sun. 

Much love as always, 

Liz x