Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Sorry, its been a while

Sorry darlings - it's been a while............. thanks to Her Majesty its been a right busy old time!! Thank you so much your Maj!!

We thought we would probably be busy as it was a long Bank Holiday, but NOTHING could have prepared us for what hit. The weather may well have been poor, but we certainly broke all records in terms of practically everything, but in particular food! I was so proud of Chef and his team in the kitchen.

I also had a brainwave of serving a Jubilee Fizz of sparkling Pink Wine with the champagne glass wiped with a strawberry, dipped in sugar and the strawberry added to the drink and we couldn't serve them quick enough! Everyone was in great spirits and Salcombe was heaving......... really good as the road was closed on the Tuesday so White Strand has stalls etc on it and that helped towards a great party atmosphere.  All of my team pulled together, with lunch breaks going untaken or eaten on the run and we were all very weary come Wednesday - yet still we carried on being busy........ and we still ARE!!! Hoorah!!!! 

The picture of our pub in this blog was taken by another talented local woman Immy Yeoman - I just love it thanks Immy. So many talented local people in so many ways - our Church, Holy Trinity held a flower festival and the flower displays were truly breathtaking.  This picture is of the Lapthorn Window in Church and I'm pretty sure it was taken by Lonija Balgavis whose photographic skills leaves me green with envy!!

SOH and I have not only been phsically busy, but mentally planning for the future of our pub - we never stand still for long, and right now we've bought a peice of kit for the kitchen that will help us with cooking the food and in particular its a steamer so we have already been talking with Chef James about the sorts of different vegetables we'll be able to cook far more freshly - a HUGE investment of capital but we believe it will be well worth it. We've also bought a new fridge for the kitchen and a secret bit of equipment which I'll tell you about next time..............???????

The short videos I put on YouTube have been viewed hundreds of times, and our fantastic new mobile web site has been amazing!!  So huge thanks to Larry at Bespoke Mobile Web -  http://bespokemobilewebsites.com  the 'traffic' we're getting of this new mobile site is amazing!!

Anyway - a large buzz of people coming up from the pub, so I'd best go off back to work... I promise not to leave it too long till the next posting but I am on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/The-Victoria-Inn-Salcombe/136141733123940AND Twitter https://twitter.com both of which I endeavour to update at least oncec a day!!

Phew all this 'social media' stuff doesn't half keep me busy!!!!!