Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Summer Hols. Salcombe is...........??

Snapes Point 
So it's the summer hols and Salcombe is..........?? Salcombe is what? Well a lot quieter this year than anyone expected.  I've spoken to few traders (large and small) who are saying the same thing. 

However having said that, our day time figures have risen considerably which indicates many more day trippers, but evening stats are not quite so good.  Whilst there are no car parking spaces to be had in the streets of Salcombe up and around, there are more often than not spaces in the car park at Whitestrand in the evening. 

Now some of this is around the fact that the garden has not been so well used this summer yet due to the absolutely dire weather we've had and continue to have tonight as I sit writing this blog! 

Luckily we've not had as many young people on our summer staff as we have had in the past so we've not had to let any summer team go, so plenty of shifts for all of them so they have a bit in their bank accounts for when they go back to University. BUT the weather for the end of August looks to be perking up a bit! Hoorah! August Bank Holiday could well be dry AND sunny!!! 

Picture from Colin Nightingale at Salcombe Brew 
The Salcombe Regatta last week was (I think) a huge success - there certainly seemed to be a fair few people milling around. As usual there was controversy about Whitestrand car park closing for a few days and  concerns/grumbles from some shop owners that it was adversely affecting their business.  I'm not sure it does - granted it can make trying to find somewhere to park a bit of a pain, but it's only a few days once a year and it's such an institution that it would be a shame if  it ever stopped just because of that! 

The local people who volunteer to run the event are a great bunch and put so much effort into it, planning for it goes on most of the year and it's a shame when people moan and groan so much about parts of the event. It can't do their morale any good! 

Official handover of the new First Responders Car

The fireworks were great as usual and for the first time in our 9 years in Salcombe, SOH and I watched the entire fireworks spectacle from Cliff House where I hosted a table as a new Rotarian for a charity fund raising event.  

I'm so proud to be part of this amazing group of people.  There were some fantastic auction prizes and I bid (of course) on a super 1 night stay in a top hotel in London and a meal in a Michelin star restaurant - something to look forward to next year! 

Salcombe Rotary are an amazing bunch and work very hard to raise money for local charities, through things like the Crabfest event and a case in point is they supported a new car for the Salcombe First Responders.  

The Victoria Inn as a business also contributed a substantial amount too, but without Salcombe Rotary they definitely would  not have got this lovely new car (that means SOH can now actually get out of 2nd gear!!!) But in all seriousness, this new car is just that - brand new, spacious, mobile phone, blue tooth etc. 
Salcombe Rotary President John Sampson, Jill and Tim 

It makes a tremendous difference that SOH (Tim) or Jill (fellow first responder in the bottom photo) are able to get to a 'shout' swiftly and safely - and this car will make a huge difference. 

So to all of the people who gave money at any Salcombe Rotary fundraising event, and on behalf of Tim & Jill, Salcombe First Responders - THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!