Monday, 15 April 2019


I thought I'd look up the definition of retirement and this is what I found:-

  1. 1. the action or fact of leaving one's job and ceasing to work "a man nearing retirement"
    synonyms:giving up work, stopping working, stopping work;

I mean firstly MAN - where's the woman in that and secondly, it's all a bit 'stopping' isn't it?? 

But I have to say, almost the first thing that anyone asks when they know we're retiring is 'what are you going to do'??? 

Interesting isn't it the perception you have to be 'doing'?? It feels like I've been defined by my work for the last 44 years. My role, the work I've done, the money I've earned, the job satisfaction, the striving to be the best, the success and the failures, the struggle to fit everything in...... it's all going to change. 

As some of you will know, I have not been in the best of health for the last year or 2 and now SOH has had a bit of it as well, so whilst we still have big plans to travel they are just on hold for a little while until we see how we both settle down in terms of 'wellness'. 

However, the reality is just starting to hit us (me 😁) that in 7 months we will no longer be receiving any earned income!! I think we're going to fall into the category
of 'not rich but not poor' or as people like to say 'comfortable'! Whatever that may mean?? 

At the moment it's really easy when you have a pub to get stuff from work - want some fish or a couple of steaks?? Oh I'll just pop to the working kitchen. Need a bit of shopping - I'll nip to the local shop and get it on account.  Need things a bit bulkier, oh, add it the cash and carry list. Well that will stop in 7 months won't it?

I'm actually (honestly) looking forward to being a bit of a housewife again. I was always pretty good at budgeting and whilst I've never been much of a cook I'm looking forward to having another bash at it all. 

But what WILL we do with ourselves in retirement??? 

The answer is, right now we have absolutely no idea! We've made financial plans, we have a home in Salcombe, we know the first couple of months will be spent tying up the ends of the business - but after that?? Who knows?? 

I'm guessing that there'll be a bit fair bit of lounging around to start with, long lay in's, some gardening (lettuces in that pic starting to look good in the greenhouse) getting used to spending long periods of time together. 

SOH will be doing his First Responding a bit more, but I already have a number of jobs lined up for him that we've been putting off. 

I'm already brushing up on my 'proper' cooking skills - we can't live on the dozen or so things that I'm really good at!! So Amazon are doing quite well at the moment with books like this! Thanks Jack Monroe - I'm LOVING this book!!  

Are we excited about retirement?? Are we a bit nervous? Yes & Yes, but it's just another chapter in OUR book isn't it?? 

Till next time, 

Much Love

Liz x