Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Victoria Inn and its four legged friends!

Burners Victoria Inn 
The Victoria Inn, as it used to be: or as the sign clearly says - Burners Victoria Inn. There's a lovely lady started posted on the Salcombe page of Facebook who is related to the much referred to Eddie Burner, who was a longstanding Landlord of the Vic. She is Sarah Howard and she is Eddies Grand-daughter. Consensus of opinion is that the pic is late 40's early fifties. What I find so incredible is that the frontage has barely altered. Sarah told me that the ground floor of the bar had 2 bars with one of the bars having a dart board, a tap room and of course the famous Bass barrels on the back bar. A lot of the regulars had their own stools and Lord help anyone walking in and sitting on them........... 

I love the Schweppes/Whitbread hanging sign and the fact that the upstairs window with curtains flapping were Eddies living rooms. I have had a medium in our pub a couple of times and she has said that she can feel lots going on in the Vic, so I'm hopeful with a bit more info and some pics she'll come up with some more information and now I'll be able to find out more about the Vic as well. 

We have had some stunning dogs in the Vic this week and none more welcome than Vanity the Cockerpoo - the reason we got our 2 babies! Don't forget we are a truly dog friendly pub and you and your four legged friends are more than welcome! I have to say that this assortment are some of the most beautiful dogs we've had in for ages! 
Guinness a gorgeous Pyrenean 

Vanity - a Cockerpoo

Barney - a Newfoundland

Hudson - a Newfoundland

Kode - a stunning Huskie


00kevin said...

Not sure if all these dogs put off many potential customers from visiting the Vic. A lot of drinkers want a social evening without the scent of eau de wet Rover, hair on their clothes,and doggie slobber! For the same reason The Port Light has an over the top dog friendly approach and loses many bookings from punters who don't fancy a bed occupied the previous night by Bonzo.

Liz said...

Dear 00kevin
Thank you for your comments. We've walked this road before haven't we? I think having dogs in a limited section of the pub is different to having them in the rooms-which we don't.
We honestly don't believe it deters folk.

paul said...

beautiful dogs

thanks for sharing

Mumbles said...

It would certainly not deter us! I think it's terrific!


Angela said...

Your pub looks lovely, and your dogs are fab. I was brought up in a pub and loved it, but saw how hard it was for my mum so never fancied it for myself, you're a brave woman lol xx

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