Sunday, 9 December 2012

Our 'Thank You' to YOU!

Tim and I constantly look at ways to make the Victoria Inn more inviting to you the Customer. We listen to your comments and we try to work with them as much as possible. 

We know that right now, these are tough times all round, that's why we are delighted to offer all of of our customers - whether its those of you who visit a few times of the year or those who visit every week - a very special 'Privilege Card'. 

Here's how it works: You visit us and have a great meal - that's the first part of a simple process. 

When you get your bill, we will offer you the opportunity to register for our unique 'Privilege Club'.  When you give us back that completed form, you will receive through the post a £10 voucher to come back and use towards your next meal with us! 

When you have completed the registration form you will receive there and then a Privilege Club Card - and for every £20 spent on food you will receive a Gold £20 stamp on that card. When you have just ten stamps on that card - you will receive a £20 voucher through the post to spend on food at the Victoria Inn. 

So, should you choose to join, and you come in with  friends and spend £80 on a meal you will already have 4 Gold Stamps on your card and will be almost halfway to your first £20 voucher!!!

What else do you get with being a Privilege Club Card Member??? You will be told of special deals and any special Privilege Card events that we plan to hold. But, more importantly you have the opportunity to save money every time you dine with us, and we thank YOU for your LOYALTY. 

This really is our way of saying a huge continuous 'Thank You' to you, our loyal Customers and Friends as we enter into the Christmas spirit and the New Year of 2013. 


Mumbles said...

That's a wonderful deal! Sadly, I'm across the pond :-/


00kevin said...

Mumbles - catch the ferry over from East Portlemouth.