Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Well then - technically SOH and I are homeless, jobless, dogless and with no income for the next couple of weeks, now this really is a weird feeling!! Beth has gone on holiday to 'Auntie Jo's' by the way.

We 'came out' of our pub The Golden Lion yesterday - blimey what a performance that was as well........ firstly though all of our furniture went in to store on Monday - we used Bishops Waltham Removals and I must say they were a cracking bunch of blokes. To say I was a bit stressed is quite an understatement, but they totally took charge and had everything packed and off by 1.30. So Monday night saw SOH and I asleep on the sofas actually IN the pub itself - the worst and most uncomfortable night I've spent in a long time! Only a few hours sleep and the big 'coming out' day arrived......... it was very weird knowing that the home I've had so much enjoyment, love and laughs in was being handed over to someone else.

By mid morning many men in suits counting, writing and talking - and much tea and coffee making by yours truly! However, by early afternoon it was all over and the Golden Lion was no longer ours..... After weeks of feeling emotional and bursting into tears at the slightest thing - I was almost relieved to hand over the reigns! So to Brid & Derek, new licencee's - lots of luck and love - we hope you'll be as happy and have as much good fortune at the Golden Lion as we did..........

A fantastic meal last night with our best friends Mark & Jo at the Hote du Vin, finished off one of the oddest days of my life, and today we have been to the Boat Show at Southampton where we met some business peole exhibiting from Salcombe and our photographer friend Lisa who was busy taking photo's for the show organisers and discussed with her what we shall do for photo's for our new pub - the Victoria Inn................ very exciting!! So now we have some time off and time to visit friends and family, I'll log in when I can and update you on developments as we lead up to taking over the Victoria down in Salcombe. Here's to good weather and even kinder traffic!!

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