Saturday, 13 September 2008

Party on!!!!!!!!!

Oh my God....... this is it - Saturday!!! Party time in a little over 18 hours :) Hoorah. I just can not believe that its come at last. All of my favourite people will be there, and I have taken the pledge not to get plastered!!! Mmmnnn........ one of my loveliest locals Steve (Jaspers - daddy) is apparently opening a book on my first 'sideways shuffle'.......

Talking of lovely locals my fabulous Friday night boys were in tonight for the last time - Steve (Jaspers Daddy) Butch & Tony........... they are the core of the group, sometimes more of them but always this threesome, or as they dubbed themselves tonight 'The Committee'.

Ok - time for a bit of politics.........when the Government raise taxes, or they want to stop binge drinking by letting the big supermarkets sell booze at stupidly cheap prices (note my sarcasm dear reader) then all they are really doing is hitting people like 'The Committee'. Good, honest , hardworking blokes - who on a Friday night after a tough week spent shovelling, carrying and working out in all weathers - grafting for an honest bob, just want a couple of quiet pints, a laugh and to relax - not get roaring drunk on alcopops!! I'll happily serve all the best food and wine in the world, and often to people with more money than I'll ever see but who will probably never know what its like to graft like these blokes - but my heart will always be with people like 'The Committee'. Gets off soapbox.................. My dear Friday night boys - I'm really going to miss you all....... thanks for the laughs!!! x

Another last - my last massage with my aromotherapist tonight - the amazing, wonderful, pretty and kind Colette - oh I will miss her magic touch and our chats. She has become the most amazing friend to me and is someone I will miss very much (you too Ems x ).

Its felt a bit like the last day of term at school today - no more cooking in the pub (except for our buffet) and the atmosphere has been really giggly and silly - gales of laughter all round tonight in the bar at virtually nothing - a rehearsal for the party!! Packing all but done - SOH's office (laughs out loud at the term Office........) to be done tomorrow, and then only bits and bobs left to do!! So - we're nearly there.........................

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Lisa Beaney said...

Hi Liz, Hope the head is OK this morning and that you had a great night last night !

Looking forward to seeing you both on Wednesday.