Saturday, 27 September 2008

This is it.........

This is it then - our last weekend of freedom before heading off to sunny Salcombe and our new life at the Victoria Inn, and crikey what a great 2 weeks of freedom we've had!!!

SOH and I have travelled the length and breadth of England (it feels like it anyway!) to see brothers and cousins and neices etc. We've eaten - OH MY, how we've eaten......... 4 and 5 meals a day, we've drunk - OH YES, we've made great inroads in trying to personally stop the demise of the drinks industry - and we've generally just had a great time together!!

Some favourite times were :-

Being woken up by Cows and Peacocks when we stayed on a farmhouse, AND the great British breakfast that Pat and her husband cooked for us!
Our luxurious stay in Stratford on Avon - a 5 star hotel where a glass of wine was almost £8......!
A fabulous but almost surreal meal at a Malay restaurant in Stratford
Seeing my son and his wife and failing miserably in not crying when we said goodbye

Lastly - just having the luxury of time together for SOH and I without an eye on the clock for opening / closing etc etc...........

So now, it's the great tidy up at Marks who has so kindly put up with us for the last few days, and then off we go on Monday. We firstly have a night with our very good friends Janice & Les in their fab B & B in Salcombe - then in to the pub first thing Tuesday for the handover, a momentous day indeed!

We are both excited, a little nervous but looking forward tremendously to the new challenge and adventure ahead of us. Wish us well, and I'll put the next instalment on when we have computer access up and running.

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