Monday, 6 October 2008

Hello Salcombe

We've arrived - we're here in sunny (!!) Salcombe................. and what an odd few days its been as well............. I'll try to sum it up briefly. Very stressful, extremely tiring, hugely exhilarating and some fun thrown in for good measure.

We still have no internet access (Thanks BT) so I'm in yet another internet cafe - but this time in our new home town. So this is brief today to say the least. Our new pub the VICTORIA INN is absolutely fantastic... what a place. The staff are amazing - they have welcomed us most warmly and kindly. The location is to die for - I have never seen such amazing views of sea and countryside all in one place. The people in the town have been SOOOO welcoming, we apparently even got a mention in Church yesterday! All the shopkeepers have said hello and wished us well - as have the other publicans. Trade has been amazingly good considering we have come in at end of season and yesterday my gorgeous SOH cooked almost 60 lunches - I was so proud of him and the team.

Then today - we got our first New Year booking.................. hey hey!!!! :) Beth is a bit lost still as she still can't quite fathom out where she is and where she can lay her head with ease just yet - but every day will make it easier for her. Thursday is our 'official' welcome evening - so we look forward to that with great excitement.

Thats all for now - but there will be loads more to tell as the weeks go on and my internet access becomes easier.

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