Wednesday, 15 October 2008

2nd week

Phew what a week its been.......! Mostly great but certainly frustrating and still hugely stressful - all thanks to BT & HSBC...! STILL no computer access at home (this Friday is connection day - maybe!!!)and can you believe it I sat talking on the to HSBC for almost an hour on Monday refusing to get off the line until they sorted out our issues. SOH had been dealing with the bank - but as I said to the them - Tim is a lovely man - but I'm not nice at all, particularly when money is concerned! Is it all fixed? Almost.

Apart from that - we are settling down in our new home and I'm sure we've made the right move. Locals are great and some have been back in after our open evening last week - by the way nearly 100 people turned up and whats more STAYED!! Lots of visitors still around, and on Monday about a dozen Plymouth based sailors - great, reminded me of Portsmouth - and they drank, oh boy did they drink....... hoorah!!! James is cooking some great food and I shall look like a telly tubby if I keep eating as I am :) Glo our Bar Manager is just fab and I think I have found a new friend!

Lisa Beaney came to photograph us all yesterday - and she made us and the pub look beautiful (difficult job on me but easy on the pub). Even a pic of 'Bobby' a visiting gorgeous little dog......... I'll put some photo's up as soon as I have access at home. Lisa is sooooooooooo talented you really must check out her web site - thank you Lisa we love you more than ever!!

Anyway, thats all for now - almost at the end of my half hour session - more as soon as possible x

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