Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Settling in

And so we are............ settling in that is! We are having the most amazing time here in Salcombe - the views in the sunshine are breathtaking and the sound of the yachts tinkling in the wind is amazing! The Victoria Inn pub is just fantastic and we are gradually finding all the little nooks, crannies and oddities that make her special. The fire in the huge grate is lit and blasts out some REAL heat - phew! The log burner is the next big test.....

Local people and traders have made us feel so special and welcome and I love walking down the high street saying hello to a variety of people who know me by name but me and my memory will only ever (probably) know as love or darling............

Some local 'lads' have been back in a couple of times, and locals have eaten with us - so all in all a good start as far as attracting local people back in. The tourist element has been really quite good and staff reliably tell us that trade is not normally this good at this time of year! Half term next week so it should continue for a while yet. We are ALREADY half way booked for Christmas Day - unbelievable!!!

As for BT - don't even begin to wonder - suffice to say I'm sat in the fabulous Salcombe Coffee shop doing this blog - I dispair of them EVER getting us access :(

My lovely Tim (SOH) and I are enjoying setting up the business together and are working quite harmoniously - well almost.....?!? The office we share is something of a bone of contention, but our very good friend Jo will be staying the weekend with us and her organisational skills will be put to the test - once again!! I miss M & S and Sainsbury's - but withdrawal symptoms are gradually de-creasing, and the local shops - butcher, grenngrocer and fishmonger are quite amazing!! I miss my old localas - but I know there are new locals to make friends with.

So dear friends - until the next time... :)

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