Saturday, 1 November 2008

Connected at last - hoorah!!

Hoorah - we are at last connected to the internet.............. I was beginning to think it would never happen! Many many thanks to the very kind shopkeepers and coffee shops in Salcombe who let us in to check e mails etc - but finally I'm sat in my new living room in our new home here at the Victoria - Hoorah!!!

So now the hard work starts for me - I shall over the next couple of days start to change and update the website - I'm going to start by introducing the staff, showing the menu's and wine lists. Then I want to start a 'doggie' gallery of all the great dogs that are visiting us, and reflect some of the comments that guests have left on the feedback cards - good and challenging(!).

So lots of things to do - so much I want to achieve - but how do you eat an elephant - a small piece at a time................ here's a photo to start it off then. Looking forward to telling you all about our new life and showing you the pictures to go with it.............

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