Sunday, 14 September 2008

Thank You Friends.......

Well - thats it then - Party Over................ and sore heads all round!!! SOH & I were given the most amazing send off by our friends here at the Golden Lion - estimated to be over a hundred people at one time and because of good weather the garden was put to good use as well.

What an amazing, incredible, fantastic night. I cried (buckets), I drank (almost as many buckets of Bombay Sapphire - of course), I sang (no party is complete without me singing), I ate (a little - too busy singing), and just had the bestest party of my life!!!!!!!!

We received dozens of cards, boxes of chocolates, bulbs for the spring, an amazing Gargoyle (which will sit near the childrens play area in the Victoria Inn.......!!) beautiful collectors figurines and the most incredible collage of all our friends and staff.

Highlights had to be: seeing so many people come through our door AND stay........ not just fleeting visits, Butch taking off his top and dirty dancing with me (photo's to follow!!), having people say the loveliest things to us during the evening, almost all our old staff coming to see us for the evening - and from quite long distances as well - and generally feeling the most loved people in the universe - to all and any of you that read this blog - thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!! x

Now of course comes the final preparation for the removal tomorrow of all our wordly possesions into storage for a couple of weeks - so I have to go as there are still trillions of things to do. I'll write as and when I can - wish us well for the next few days...........

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