Thursday, 4 September 2008

Oh my head.......

Hoorah........... the flyers for our 'Hello & Welcome' party at the Victoria Inn have arrived for the 9th October, so I have spent an hour or two on the phone to councillors etc in Salcombe inviting them personally to our bash, and then following up with an e mail!!!! Its so exciting, and they all sounded just lovely! As for the flyers - well, they are just as I hoped they would be.

Apart from that - its been a normal day, quite a good lunch hour, fairly steady. Last night was horrifically busy - but then it always is when staff have time off - its almost like a magnet for customers..........

I have been out spending money (even more money as SOH would say) on furnishings for our new home, we haven't done an ounce of packing - YET, but we will do some tonight....... maybe(!). Actually, after a huge concerted effort by us both yesterday, there is still lots to do, but no-where near as much as I feared.

Tomorrow, I'm assured that the embroidered second draft of our logo will be here - we can ok it and then get the uniforms started. Also advised that all the stationaery has gone to press today, so that will be here soon as well - so all in all and touching lots of wood all is on plan and looking fabulous!!!!!

All apart from the weath forecast for Saturday here in Hampshire - forecast is very wet, very windy and cold. Why am I bothered?? We are operating 2 outside bars at a big local event - the Littleton & Harestock Show, thats why I'm keeping such an eye on the weather......... fingers crossed it won't be as bad as feared!

Hence - oh my head - far toooooooo much going round in it................. back later!

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