Sunday, 7 September 2008

Our last week

Well - this is it, the start of our last full week......!! Crikey, I have no idea where the last few months have gone and now the move is upon us. Have we finished packing - have we heck, but we have made a really good dent in it, and just a couple of solid days will do the trick.

Its been a stressful couple of days, so much to think about and to do! Anyone moving house knows how awful it can be, but try coupling that with keeping the business going - right up to the last day, as well as planning for the new business and the stress levels increase by quite a lot. I have to admit I've shed a few tears as there have been days when it's all got a bit much, and the knot in my stomach seems to get bigger by the day, but SOH keeps me calm and constantly re-assures me that all will be okay!! I hope so............... I think I'll be ok once all our belongings have been removed and put in storage, and then everything else should seem easier.

This is our last Sunday lunch here at the Golden Lion - I'm not cooking just being the pleasant hostess and saying good bye to some Sunday regulars who've eaten with us almost every Sunday we've been here.

So, have to go now, back downstairs to the bar to do my job - more later in the week when I get time............ :)

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