Tuesday, 9 September 2008

My pride and joy

Alongside the stress and upheaval of moving, the joy of new adventures to come - there is of course the downside of leaving friends and family. None less than my pride and joy - my boy! My lovely son Paul who has always encouraged me to be more than I am and who is always so proud of my achievements in his own quiet way........ I shall miss being only a few miles down the road from him! But with that also comes the joy of knowing that instead of the odd snatched hour or two - there will be whole short breaks, which mean we get to go out and have fun together.............!! Oh - and I get to go out shopping with his smashing wife Caz.......

Yet more packing done today - heaven help me, how much more can there be???

Fantastic lunchtime trade today - we are slowly but surely running out of food - which is great in preparation for closedown of the kitchen on Friday, but its certainly giving our cook Jane some food for thought to be inventive with what food we have left! Tee hee! Then just to top it all - a party of 12 booked in for Friday lunchtime - on TOP of the normal Friday crowd............. I think meltdown time might be beckoning in the kitchen!! Hey ho - its all much needed business - never say never until the last morsel of food has gone!

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