Monday, 8 September 2008

This is tough

This moving lark is proving to be tough! I work in a really organised methodical manner - SOH doesn't! I will throw all sorts of little odds and ends out - he won't. I pack in boxes and then seal properly - marking where the boxes have to go when we get to the Victoria Inn, Salcombe - oh and the boxes really do contain what the label says......... SOH has a tendency to throw all sorts in the boxes, mark as spare room and I just know that they'll stay in that box for weeks when we get there!! Growl.................

Apart from that - great excitement today as our stationery was ready for collection - and wowee.......... ain't it posh!!!! John S - you're a superstar.......... The logo looks fantastic, and a watermark of the logo on the stationery just adds a certain style and class to it - brilliant. Christmas and New Year menus are next to be worked up for printing. Also placed the order for our shirts.

Spoke with a fab lady at Salcombe Tourist Information centre and discussed advertising with her - more money to spend out, but you have to spend to save sometimes - and this will be one of those occasions. Also spoke to our website designer - and pleased to say that this is also going to plan.......phew!

Lastly, our friends Les and Janice at Little Hill guesthouse in Salcombe also e mailed to confirm out date with them on the 29th - the night before we move in........ now for any one reading this and wanting a lovely guest house to stay in when visiting Salcombe - well you can't go wrong with this lovely couple, and Janice does a fab breakfast!!!

So there we go - oh yes, and got knocked out early tonight playing Poker.......we'll definitely try and introduce this in Salcombe - I like my game of Poker. Now I have to go and try to work up some 'blurb' for the tourist info site etc......... more typing :)

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