Friday, 29 August 2008

Today its the Egyptians

Well, I'm starting to feel like an English consulate outpost................ today it was the turn of the Egyptians to visit us..!! Lunchtime started off with a regular business customer turning up with half a dozen Egyptian businessmen - thank goodness SOH had just made a fabulous Chicken Passanda this morning, as all six decided to have the curry of the day. Again, in keeping with our Japenese visitors this week - what charming gentlemen......... so polite and well mannered, a delight to serve.

It was really quite lovely also to hear them in the garden speaking in their language and smell their delicious foreign cigarettes (I don't smoke by the way!) but I was transported back to my holiday / recuperation this year to Morocco - not in the middle of Hampshire.

Tonight, my Friday boys are celebrating a birthday amongst them and the pints are flowing well - but they're great 'salt of the earth' lads, always well behaved and they know I have a low tolerance for swearing in the pub (unless it's me......... :) ) and I've had a lot of 'sorry Liz' in the last half hour or so!! Bless 'em..........

But I'm glad we're busy, not just for the obvious financial reasons, but my stress levels are starting to rise because of the move, so it's great to be kept occupied. Our flat is just full of boxes packed with our belongings, empty boxes waiting to be packed, new furniture and more bubble wrap than I know what to do with. Working really hard with a designer on the website for our new pub and writing lots of peices to promote how wonderful we will be!! On top of that, we are keeping this buusiness going (and quite well thank you!) thinking of menu's and food idea's for the new place, as well as what fabulous wines we're going to stock. I should be sleeping like a log I'm so tired but the minute I close my eyes my head is just buzzing with all sorts of things..........

So - where are we going and when?????

Sorry, you'll have to wait - thats this weekends blog post!!

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