Friday, 22 August 2008

A typical day??

So what is a typical working day for me........?? Well, it's usually Tim (scrumptious other half- SOH) (thats us at Balmoral Castle, our second residence don't you know..... )waking up and letting our cleaner Sean in about 9.00a.m, that might sound heavenly and late for a lot of people - but what you mustn't forget is that our day generally doesn't end till gone 1 or even 2 in the morning.
If I'm lucky (which is quite often I must admit) I get coffee bought up (not by the cleaner!!) by SOH and I get a good half hours lay in........... bliss. Then I usually do the mundane household chores while SOH does the pub stuff of reading the paper, opening post, leaving it laying around etc etc :)

After that it's pretty much like today - meeting the public - making sure they get a good pint and that the food is great and served swiftly, as many are on their lunch breaks. Quite a few family's in today with young children - nice well behaved children - our favourites........

We also like to have a good team spirit amongst the staff - we've been very lucky in having had great young people, so today has been good humoured banter again between Luke and I - recently returned from Thailand, and Ryan - a promising young thespian. Our staff are mostly University students and all have stayed with us for much of their time at Winchester Uni.

Today was also a cause for celebration as our kitchen assistant Jade, working with us during the holidays got all C's in her GCSE's - so cards, kisses and pats on the back for her!

I particularly like Fridays at the Lion as we get a lot of office workers who have that 'Friday feeling' in the lunchhour, and then my Friday night workers any time after 5.30 who also like to start off the weekend with a pint or 4. The weather's been much better today so the garden has been well used.
Then most afternoons when we've cleaned down - its a discussion on evening menu's, walk the dog (Beth) and feet up for an hour - hopefully! At the moment almost every afternoon is taken up with packing and making plans for Devon. I will tell more about the Devon move - the where, when etc in future posts.

Today, the topic for discussion has been shirts/blouses/logo' many - more importantly how much (!) and will they be ready on time for the opening on 1st October!

Tonight, I'm in the kitchen - again - with Luke at my every beck and call...........only joking - we make a great partnership and he keeps me calm and good humoured as the orders start to flow in. Lovely O'Hagans sausages and SOH's Thai Green Curry on the specials menu tonight - so wish me a busy (ish) night, and I'll be back tomorrow.

Now then - where's my apron gone...........................

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