Thursday, 21 August 2008

The start of my journey........

This is our curent pub - The Golden Lion in Winchester........... I say current pub as we are shortly to move to a pub in Devon, more of which to come shortly.

I thought it would be fun to write about my days and nights (very long days & nights....!) as a pub landlady. Over the next couple of weeks I'll be telling you what it's like to leave a pub where we've made lovely friends - worked the hardest I've ever worked in my life and how it feels to move on to somewhere new with all the challenges involved! if you read this - I hope you enjoy it and that occasionally it either gives you food for thought, makes you laugh or even want to run a pub yourself (or not - more likely!!).

A little about me first - I've not always been a pub landlady - oh no! In fact I'm really quite new at it - full time now for only 8 weeks - is that really all it is? It seems a whole lot longer..........

I've always kept my own career separate (spent most of my working life in Local Government, managing people and projects, and ensuring great customer service) only dabbling now and then in the pub when we were busy or when I actively wanted to manage big functions. But I guess its a bit like anything you really enjoy doing, it sort of took over my life and decisions had to be taken - so out went the old career and in came this new one!!

But it's not just me of course - there is my scrumptious 'other half' - Tim. He's been in this trade in one form or another for a great many years - so with his experience and business acumen, I can only learn the best from him, bring in my own expertise and become the dynamic duo!!

So as the weeks go on - sit back and enjoy my ramblings. I hope you'll come to realise the hard work that goes on behind the bar of a pub to let you enjoy your time on your side of the bar.

And with that - its time at the bar Ladies & Gents........... time please!! (for today at least).


Wendy Salisbury said...

Hi Liz,

Well now it's my turn to write to you!

Congratulations on the blog. It's a great looking site and I wish you lots and lots of luck with it and of course, the actual life that leads to the blog.

I shall look forward to reading about your progress and hope you get lots of positive feedback.

Best wishes as ever,


Wendy Salisbury said...
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Jim Sloan said...
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Anonymous said...
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