Monday, 25 August 2008

Bank Holiday - what Bank Holiday??

I have learnt very quickly that our life in the trade is very different to most peoples lives...... a bank holiday used to mean (for me, certainly in years gone by) a stroll out, a pint or 2 and a meal - some gentle retail therapy and even a holiday if lucky. What does it mean now? Peeling more spuds and carrots etc and staying open longer on the off chance we'll be busy...!!! Well today we weren't - busy that is!

It was a quiet lunch time, few cars passing on the road, even fewer stopping in our car park. The weather is damp, cool and not at all conducive to customers sitting in our gorgeous garden. So a quiet Bank Holiday Monday (blimey - last one before Christmas - Gulp!)

Tonight promises to be a different matter with a few bookings already, and doubtless some of our poker players will want to eat first as well.

Ah yes, Monday night is.........Poker night. We started this Poker last year - its run by a national firm called Red Tooth poker, it's free to play and its mostly anywhere between 20 and 30 people who will turn up tonight to play for a couple of hours. Even I play, and I had never picked up a card until we started it. Occasionally I do quite well - I've even been known to win a couple of times, but generally, I'm a bit too rash in my betting!

So can't stop tonight to 'blog' for too long, far to much to do in the pub to get ready for 'the boys'. and SOH is looking as though he needs my helping hand in the kitchen. Wish me winning hands tonight...!?!

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