Saturday, 23 August 2008

Hungover - oh dear!!!

Mmnn, well it's been a bit of a tough day today - being hungover didn't help!! If you live a 'normal' life - you might have a glass of two or wine at the end of a busy day? Yes??

Well, living in a pub it's very easy to have that one or two glasses of wine, or something off the 'top shelf', or even maybe another couple of glasses of something......... I guess it's a bit like working in sweet shop and wondering what delicious chocolate to have next... well I very quickly discovered that having a drink at the end of every day is

a) not clever

b) makes me fatter than usual

c) makes me feel more tired than ever

d) makes me poorer - believe it or not we do pay for our drinks - honestly! Thats how some publicans go broke!!

So most weeks I'm really disciplined I don't drink Monday to Friday, occasionally I might, but certainly never ever when I'm working behind the bar or in the kitchen (soused chef and all that).

But your social life in this business IS your friends and customers on the other side of the bar, so last night one glass of Rose wine with our very good friends led to several! Oh dear...... this morning, not a pretty sight :(
And of course, what do I have to do on Saturdays? Prepare veg and meats for Sunday - rest assured not the easiest thing to do when you're suffering with a head full of men playing drums.........

Apart from that it's been a very full on sort of day - mostly in the kitchen, but also helping SOH get the car and trailor ready for an outside bar event that he and our best mate Mark are doing near Salisbury tonight. A late night for them tonight - probably not home till 1'ish and then time all is unloaded and locked up it'll be closer to 2 or even later. Hopefully I'll be in the land of nod, as I have to be up for 6 (groan)tomorrow morning for a local car boot sale to try to get rid of a lot of the tat - no, sorry - absolutely fantastic items of heritage and distinction that are now surplus to requirements due to our impending move!!

So while most (if not all) of you are tucked up enjoying a Sunday morning lay in - Sarah (lovely lady and a good friend) and I will be wrapped up warm (it is summer in England after all - bank holiday as well) clutching our coffee's and fighting of the hordes of well heeled Winchester toff's trying to pay as little as possible for some actually quite decent stuff.............with a bit of tat thrown in!

So enjoy your weekend lovely blog readers, tomorrow is another day!!

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