Thursday, 4 June 2009

Rock Hotel Gibraltar

Just a quick post tonight.......I've just finished the most amazing afternoon tea here at the Rock Hotel in Gibraltar on the Wisteria Terrace - and I'm feeling pleasantly and comfortably full! Arrived here today after a pretty torturous coach trip from Fuengirola which I thought was straight through but stopped at least half a dozen times.. Still, here I am. Have a superb room with air con, 2 little decanters of Sherry (no good to me - still on my health kick - well as far as drink is concerned!) and plastic ducks in ther bathroom.....this really is a lovely hotel - it feels like you've gone back a good 20 years in time, but the service is impeccable and every thing of a really high standard.

I've been up in the cable car this afternoon to have a look at the Apes - and why despite loads of notices and a possible fine of £5k to people still insist on feeding them.... years ago I saw an Ape attack a woman who was teasing it with food - and I tell you I steer a wide berth!! The baby apes are as enchanting as usual.

Tonight I'm off to say Hi to a couple of old friends - if their reaction is anything like my other friends reaction today I can only say 2 things - 1 - I must have been huge, because comments have been about how much weight I've lost - and 2, how happy and 'alive' I look - so I was either very dreary or just very sad....... neither of which I am any more of course thanks to my lovely life in Salcombe and of course gorgeous SOH, who sadly is at home looking after the 'shop' while I'm away having a ball!! After meeting my friends I'm going to go and sample the delights of the new casino - I have a spare £20 which may find it's way onto a table or the roulette wheel - we'll see! Tomorrow - some shopping in the duty free haven that is Gibraltar, a pleasant waterside lunch and then I'm not sure! Till later my lovely friends - off for a little nap and then spruce up for an evenings pleasure. X

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