Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Welcome back chum's - I'm home from my hols and over the next few days I'll go into a bit more detail about what I did and where I went! In the meantime I'd appreciate your thoughts on the following.......the title of this entry is not strictly true - because I don't actually have a sister! Two brothers but no sister - what I do have is a fabulous best friend...... a little younger than me (well ok - perhaps more than a little) Tanya is her name, and we've been best friends for about 20 years now. I think of her as the sister I was never lucky enough to have - and we've shared everything in our life - all the ups, downs, births, bereavements, divorce, love and more laughs than you can imagine! Our phone conversations now we're miles apart can reach epic proportions depending on what crisis / great times one of us is having - heaven help BT when we have a crisis / great time at the same time!

Where we are very different though is our approach to holidays - she is a sun babe in the extreme and is never happier than when she's oiled and prone on a beach or poolside (preferably with a cocktail in her hand!)..... she moves effortlessly from sunbed to water and back again like a potential Bond girl - never shaken but stirring those around her on the beach (take it from me she has a body I'd kill for!). Give her a book, plenty of liquids, the odd piece of fruit, a couple of dozen bikini's to choose from and she'd live her life on the beach......a perfect tan very soon adorns her pretty much perfect body - she only breaks into a sweat when she turns a page of her current reading material! Not for her the trudge of sight seeing - not likely if she can help it!

Now let's just take a little look at me as I sit here upon my return home - firstly, I've several patches of bright red sunburn from my ONE day on the beach - those places where I thought I'd sprayed my very expensive sun cream - oops, maybe not! Next - I have a fantastic prickly heat rash......... a wonderful addition to any holiday let me tell you! Then.... there are the gnat bites - not little discreet nibbles - oh no.... Bl**dy big bites you could balance a 10p on!!! Then there are the bruises on my legs where the suitcase that was fairly light going out on holiday was considerably heavier coming home (thanks Barclaycard - I love you!) just try heaving a hugely heavy suitcase, a much heavier hand luggage AND a handbag onto a Spanish train (huge steps up - and no kind Signor to assist).......

So maybe next time I'll take a leaf out of Tanya's guide book and sod the sightseeing!! Less luggage more sun cream...... Viva Espana!! Who do you think enjoys the beach holiday more....?????

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