Sunday, 28 June 2009

Nine Months............

Well, come the 1st July, we'll have been in Salcombe for 9 whole months....... Can't believe it! Time has just flown by. The holiday season is really hotting up down here and this week barring one lunchtime has seen us have an amazing week trade wise. Our garden is being really well used and it's very comforting to see - I feel less and less anxious about how well we're going to do as each week draws to a close. But what we mustn't do is get too complacent - so each week sees us looking at different ideas, different drinks - this week alone we bought in 2 new drinks: an alcoholic Ginger Beer (that is flying off the shelf) and a fab new Grape and Kiwi J20. Different 'specials' - James made home-made Pasties this week, and a fabulous fish dish (amongst many!): John Dory wrapped in Bacon and with Sauteed Samphire......talking of food I'm being kept busy at the moment with planning for our new Autumn / Winter menu and also CHRISTMAS! It'll be upon us before we know it.........blimey!!
We've had one of SOH's brothers visiting us this weekend, Richard. So, business permitting it's been a perfect opportunity to get out and about again. Tuesday, Richard and I (SOH looked after the pub) went to the beautiful Buckfast Abbey - where although I wasn't particularly moved by the Abbey itself (apart from the fact that the Monks themselves actually built it - incredible!) it did have a separate large chapel with the most incredible wall of stained glass. That was absolutely beautiful! The grounds were amazing - so still and calm, sensory gardens, herbs etc and then an incredible Lavender garden with goodness knows how many different types of Lavender...... the smell was phenomenal.
No visit anywhere like this is complete without a visit to the gift shop - and I purchased some Apple juice from a monastry in France - yum! Also some Kiwi concentrate for squash - a million times better than the Spanish cr*p I had the other week and also some gorgeous smelling bees wax furniture polish..... We just HAD TO HAVE (we really did!) the most fabulous cream tea there as well! In fact SOH and I found quite a few excuses to over indulge ourselves this week so it's back on the health kick with a vengence next week!
Can't say I'm looking forward to the heat-wave that is supposed to be with us next week - but at least it may sweat a few pounds off............................ Nice!!

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Colette said...

Yes sadly it is nine months since you left Winchester and the place is just not the same without you. We all miss you but I particularly miss our Friday night chats. However, we are so pleased that things are working out so well for you, it couldn't happen to two nicer people. Promise we will be down to see you soon xx.