Saturday, 20 June 2009

It's the BBC don't you know...

So just to top an interesting few days, we got a phone call from St Austell media department on Wednesday to enquire if we'd be interested in taking part in a television programme - The Politics Show, South West TV about the beer tie............. 'Oh yes of course' (Thinking to self - oh my goodness, can I get my hair done in time, what about my nails and how can I lose 5 stone overnight!!!!).

Now SOH of course (as always) takes it all in his stride...... 'OK - thats fine' and goes back to whatever he was doing before the call! That's the difference between us - he's Mr Supercool - I'm Mrs Drama Queen, I'm Mrs Excited / Animated he's Mr 'Bond - James Bond'.......... shaken never stirred!! But do you know what - that's what makes us a great team.....we compliment each other fantastically well.

Anyway, moving on - Thursday - thank goodness a fine sunny day with customers in the pub and in the garden....BBC duly turn up at the appointed time a lovely camera man called Adrian and the reporter Phil Loat, (he was very nice but wish it had been Fred Dineage a childhood hero! Wrong TV area.) cue one of our staff with open mouth and 'He's off the telly'......... yep, that's rather the point!! There I am then (three changes of clothes later!) duly trying to appear as if we do this all the time and swinging straight into Miss One Woman Communications / Publicity department all of my own - and there is SOH smiling sweetly at me cool as a cucumber!

Adam Luck from St Austell was the voice of the family brewery as to why the beer tie works and Tim was the voice of the tenant...........No! Not me! Look - there are things I know I'm good at, and I've been on TV, I've also done a promotional video - but no way was I going to be opening my mouth on a subject I don't completely understand. I was more than happy to leave that to SOH.

Customers were asked to participate and a couple of free pints helped smooth that along, I was filmed serving a customer - 'What'll it be darling..........' (aka best Bet Lynch voice!) No - I'm joking, not quite!!! Actually the customer involved in this apparently reads my blog all the time - and I have to say it was a bit odd meeting someone who knows all about me - but who I had never met!!

Adam was of course as you would expect at his level within the brewery - the ultimate professional, incredibly eloquent and he also very charmingly said some nice things about us as tenants. But SOH - oh my crikey, I quite forgot he's mine and was just bowled over by how well he performed in the interview - balanced, moderate and sooooooo intelligent!! He also looked scrummy!! Cor missus ......... anyway, Adam was nodding in agreement at his answers and seemed pleased that Tim had been asked to respond in the interview.

Not forgetting of course that we'll get a good bit of free publicity out of this as well........... so, if you've nothing better to do tomorrow (Sunday 20/06) it should be on the Politics Show in the morning, and you don't live in this area or you actually have a life (!) you'll be able to see it on BBC iPlayer......

In the meantime, the Victoria Inn has had a great week business wise - blimey, we've been busy!!! The projected slow down after the festival never happened, and the reasonably good weather seems to be helping as well. Fathers Day tomorrow - and quite a few bookings in the diary already - also the Salcombe Gig race up at the Yacht Club - so I suspect a busy day ahead of us tomorrow. I wonder what surprises next week will bring............????

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