Thursday, 11 June 2009

Wow - What a Coup!

Just a short blog to say the the Victoria Inn has been chosen by The Guardian and The Observer to feature in their guide to the best of Summer Pubs in the UK............ we're one of only 200 chosen in the entire country!! In their letter to us they say that -

'Our team of researcher's, food experts and drink writers scoured the country to discover the best 200 pubs for our readers to visit this summer'.

How blooming marvelous is that!!! There's going to be TV advertising on this feature as well as press adverts in The Guardian this week. The guide is out this weekend 13th and 14th June.

Great news for us, our brewery St Austell and a fantastic reflection of the hard work of all our staff since we've been here!! Tim and I are as chuffed as mint balls.............


Heston B said...

Fantastic - they obviously love your food and service?

John said...

Well done! But I must say we were very disappointed a couple of weeks back (Fri 29 May) when we spent a nice sunny half hour in the garden, watching everyone receive their lovely meals whilst we choose from the menu, only to go to the bar at 7.03pm to be told, rather abrubtly 'no orders taken for the garden after 7.00'! How were we supposed to know that? We couldn't even order to eat inside because the kitchen was 'too busy'. Had to leave, eat elsewhere. I can't find anywwhere else on your website to post feedback, so I've put it here. John

Liz said...

Hi John
Thanks for your praise, but I'd also like to take this opportunity to address your comment regarding your experience with us on the 29th May.

Firstly, let me express my huge dissapointment if you received that information in the manner in which you have described - I personally have worked so hard on our customer service and that how we say things to customers being as important as how we pull the pints or serve the food.

I think the date you've given me was half term and with the usual issues that face us in this business (and sadly in particular in this part of Devon)with endeavouring to get full staffing levels - I decided with much regret to stop serving in the garden from 7.00 as I simply did not have the resources to deliver the service. If you were told you couldn't eat inside either then I can only assume that we were at full capacity there as well - hence, the kitchen being 'too busy' - what an awful way of putting it! :(

However, feed back such as your whilst dissapointing does ensure that I keep in touch with ALL front of house issues and are able to make any changes necessary.

For the summer period, we have learnt from the lessons of half term and have decided to serve ONLY a good quality BBQ in the garden and current thinking is that it will be 5.30 - till 9.00 but I have yet to iron out those finer points - when I have, I'll publish that on the web site.

That will cut down on the staff needed for table service and means that we should be able to deliver the quality service that matters to Tim and I - as well as a great experience to you our customer. I hope this response whilst lengthy goes some way to addressing your comments.

Our e mail address is on the web site but is: if you'd like to e mail me personally further on this or any other matter.


Jennifer said...

Wow what a terrific honour! Congratulations! Well deserved! Why am I not surprised? :)

Jenny in California.

p.s. still lurve the blog.

Sam and Ella said...

Well done. We love the Victoria.

Liz said...

Thank you so much everyone for all your lovely comments - the power of media eh......... our website has had more hits in the last two days since the guide was published than ever before!! Amazing!

Will write about the Salcombe music festival next - wow, that was some weekend!!