Friday, 3 July 2009

Just a quickie...........

Just a quick post tonight as I've still a million and one things to do before I scoot off to Portsmouth for the weekend to see my lovely son Paul and my best mate Tanya - and the weather forecast for Pompey at the weekend is showers ....... marvelous! Anyway, I hope to cram in a bit of shopping at Gunwharf ( a half decent shopping centre ) as I have started Christmas shopping already - well it gets a bit pricey buying for all the staff as well........ so I always start at this time of year as there are often good bargains to be had - and even though it may be a bit of a bargain, I still like to get nice things!

I think T and I are off for a bit of a boogie tomorrow night in Pompey's finest dance halls (Being ironic!). Then I hope for a nice sunny day Sunday so I can relax in my son's garden and catch up on all the news with him and my lovely daughter in law Caroline, before returning home to make last minute preparations for the madness that is Salcombe in the summer. The very large BBQ grill has arrived and there are all sorts of things to do to ensure that it / we are ready to rock for Monday 20th - I'll unveil more details when I post next blog.

This week saw Rod Stewart in Salcombe - and I missed him by minutes..... he didn't come in our pub sadly, and as I didn't have my specs on I couldn't see him on the ferry boat either - but at least we walked the same street............. sad what not aren't I!!!!!! Anyway, I've asked our great street cleaner Chad to tip me off next time! Apparently, loads of 'celebs' come to Salcombe in the summer so I'll have to be a bit more on the ball......

Thats about it for now - short and sweet really, but all is well with us, business is still really good and the garden is looking more beautiful by the day.

Enjoy the sunny weather................ x

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