Friday, 17 July 2009

Proud of Pubs week

This week it's the Publican's - 'Proud of Pubs' campaign week, and here are a couple of our staff proudly wearing their 'Proud of Pubs' badges. The badges are quite small - but we certainly got a few comments on why were they wearing them!
We should all be proud of our pubs - thay are a dying part of our heritage in some cases throughout the country. Communities rely on them for a social network, cities need them for business's and we as individuals need them for the chance to meet with friends, play bar games, drink great ales and generally relax and enjoy life away from the stress and strain of everyday life!

Tim and I are very proud of the Victoria Inn - we're proud of what we've achieved so far in the nine months we've been here. We're incredibly proud of all of our staff who have worked with us to achieve our vision. We're proud of the great St Austell beers and wines we serve, and we're exceptionally proud of the great food we serve! Most of all, we're really pleased and proud of having increased our sales quite substantially in these very challenging economic times!! Go on - be proud of YOUR pub!!

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Sal said...

Hi Liz
Just to say "Hi" and to tell you I am missing Salcombe and your wonderful pub, but reading the blog makes me feel I am right back there!
Keep up the writing and good luck for your "Barbie season"
Love Sally.
(Sue (Salcombe Deli) sis)