Sunday, 26 July 2009

What a week.........

Dear readers, and I know there are now many of you (!), I'm afraid tonights blog is going to be fairly short and it's not awfully sweet. When I started this blog it was to talk about life behind and in front of the bar and all it's ups and downs. But sometimes just as you trot through life and you think all is going reasonably well it takes a shot at you and brings you momentarily to the ground.

This week has been one such week...... it started well last Sunday with my confirmation and a visit by my best friend Tanya and her lovely boy Ashley, followed by a visit from our very dear friends Lisa and Phil - and an exciting development which I hope to be able to share with you after the summer rush is over. We had a super meal out together on the Monday evening and a thoroughly pleasant evening together only to return to at least 8 missed calls from my darling son. It was of course an indication that it was not good news and sadly it wasn't..... his Dad (and my ex-husband) had passed away very suddenly and naturally he was heartbroken. I too was incredibly upset, as ex-husband or not, it would be a very hard person who could not mourn the loss of someone who you spent the best part of your life with and fathered 2 gorgeous children by.

So this week has passed by in a flurry of phone calls, tears, high emotions and a short visit to Portsmouth to be with him and his wife and to offer what support I could. Any passing has the effect I think of making you evaluate where you're going with your life - and this week seems to have been particularly hard in doing just that! The funeral is not until a week Monday, so it's difficult to know where to go with the emotions that are in my head other than to do what I do best - put my head down and work as hard as I can! If I sit around - I think too much and that tends not to be a good thing........... However, I have been shown great kindness and love by SOH and by my new friends in Salcombe where 'village' life has been very comforting.

On top of all of that - Beth has chosen this week to be very ill, and I feared our little dog had reached the end of her road, but she had a 2 night stay in the Selworthy Practice in Kingsbridge - where they lovingly looked after her and have made her reasonably fit and well again. A huge thank you to the team there for all their love and care and for giving us more happy hours and walks with her......... and just on cue she's walked in and nuzzled up to me much as to say 'what are you doing'??? The cue for a last minute night time walk (in the rain of course!!) I think!!

So all in all, a very draining week emotionally and one I hope that won't be repeated for a long time....... take care all and don't forget to tell your loved ones how much you love them. X x x

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